Ubiq allows you to create drill-downs, drill-up and even drill-throughs

On your dashboard, Click 'Options' on top right corner of chart. You'll see the option to 'Add /Edit drill-down'. Click it to add or edit drill-down.

You'll see form where you can select the type of chart/table you want to display for drill-down, type the sql query to be used for drill-down chart and also provide the chart title

Use the text [drill_down_value] where you want to insert drill-down value E.g, if customer_id is the drill-down field, here's a sample drill-down query
  select product, amount from sales_data where customer_id = [drill_down_value]

In your chart, when you click on table cell/pie slice or line point where customer_id=157, this query becomes

  select product, amount from sales_data where customer_id = 157

Click Save to save the drill-down. You can use joins, and complex queries in your drill-down chart. Ubiq supports them all.

Now, when you click on your chart, you'll see the drill-down for the corresponding value of the field you had dropped in X-axis box of your chart.

Here's a sample drill-down chart when you click on 'NYC' slice of pie chart

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