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  • ✓ Easily create reports & dashboards

  • ✓ Analyze data using drag & drop

  • ✓ Apply powerful filters & functions

  • ✓ Share reports with others

  • ✓ Supports local, remote or cloud data

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Why use Ubiq?

Ubis is an easy-to-use Database Reporting Software. It enables you to quickly create reports and dashboards from various databases such as MySQL, SQL Server & PostgreSQL. Access reports using web browser and securely share them with others. Export reports in multiple formats. Ubiq can be used to create simple to complex reports for your business. Easily create summary and detailed reports from all levels and departments in organization. Ubiq can even work with large databases and get your work done faster. Ubiq empowers users to analyze data, gain actionable insights and make better decisions.

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create reports using drag & drop

Quickly create reports & dashboards

Ubiq enables you to create reports and dashboards using drag & drop, customize reports with a few clicks. It empowers users to quickly extract and report information that organizations need to run effectively. Ubiq allows you to quickly generate reports and dashboards for all company levels and departments. It provides managers and stakeholders the insights to make better decisions and improve business performance.

Monitor business information in real-time

Ubiq allows users to create real-time reports and dashboards. Reports show live data from databases, and refresh automatically. This allows stakeholders & decision-makers to view, explore and analyze business information on the fly. It enables them to monitor KPIs and metrics in real-time. It allows them to get the latest insights, make fast decisions and respond quickly. Ubiq provides real-time access to reports and dashboards from all company levels and departments such as accounting, sales, human resources, operations, etc. Real-time reporting enables users to stay up-to-date about business performance, spot the strengths and weaknesses of various aspects of the organization, improve business processes and operations.

build real-time reports

supports multiple databases

Supports various databases

Ubiq enables you to build reports and dashboards from various databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server. It can directly connect to database, run SQL queries and generate reports using just a web browser. There's no need to move or upload data. Ubiq can even report information from multiple databases into a single report. This enables managers and stakeholders to view, explore and analyze data about various business processes and systems of their organization, from one place. It allows them to quickly get the complete picture of organization's status, monitor all departments and processes from one place, get actionable insights and make decisions.

Suitable for every business

Ubiq can be used for Database Reporting in organizations of any size and nature. It allows users to quickly get various kinds of business information like financial condition, operational performance, economic activities, inventory, sales performance, etc. from different processes and systems in the organization. Ubiq allows you to create reports and dashboards for every department, team, role or system in your organization. This enables users to get an overall picture of their company, optimize processes and operations faster.

for any kind of database

cross browser reports and dashboards

Access reports using web browser

Ubiq's Database Reporting Tools work on Mac, Linux and Windows. Being web-based, it allows users to analyze and report data on all major web browsers and tablets. Ubiq provides access to critical business information in real-time reports and dashboards, anywhere, anytime. It lets users perform analysis and reporting using whatever device or web browser is part of their daily working life. Ubiq enables users to stay up-to-date with business events and respond quickly.

Rapid deployment and ease of use

Ubiq can be setup by business users in minutes without depending on IT. Avoid waiting for demo or installation or training. Sign up and start immediately. Ubiq allows you to easily analyze and report data from various databases and deliver reports to managers and stakeholders. Our easy-to-use report designer allows you to create reports without any coding or SQL knowledge. It enables even business users to quickly create reports on their own, without depending on the IT team. This saves weeks, if not months, spent in report development and deployment.

easy to use

secure create reports

Secure to use

Securely connect to your database. For intranet or private network, the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq client sits on your laptop & connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

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