Dynamic filter is a powerful way to filter a chart in real time, just by selecting a value from a dropdown, or dragging a slider. They appear as dropdowns/sliders at the top of a chart (below the chart title) based on the filter functions that you select. It provides a very convenient way to slice & dice data in real time.

How to add a dynamic filter in drag and drop mode ?

Dynamic Filters can be added while creating a chart. Click on Create Chart button on your project's Charts tab and click Drag & Drop mode. You will be directed to the Chart creation page. Drag & Drop fields into X-axis & Y-axis boxes to create your chart. Also, drag and drop a column in dynamic filters box.

You will see that a dropdown for the field is added to the box. It shows the field name with different options available in the dropdown. Each option is a function that can be applied to the filter. You can fine tune the filter by selecting the function to be applied. You can add multiple filters for a chart. They are combined using the AND condition. These filters appear as drop downs or sliders in the actual chart.

Types of dynamic filters available

1. Text/Number filters

Text & Number type fields appear as dropdowns. The unique values of a field, based on your data, appear as drop down values in the actual chart.

2. Date filters

We have many powerful & intuitive functions for Date/Time type fields:

  • Dropdown filters
  • Slider filters

Dropdown Filter

For a dropdown filter, the dropdown in actual chart will contain unique values generated based on the function selected. E.g, if you select a year function, then the filter will list the unique values for years in your data.

Slider Filter

For a date slider filter, the slider in the actual chart will have start & end dates based on your data. For a time slider filter, the start time will be 00:00:00 & end time will be 23:59:59.

Customize dynamic filters

You can customize dynamic filters for charts & global dashboard filters - select default value for dropdowns, apply conditions to filter the values displayed in dropdowns & sliders, use labels to rename the filters

Please note, if a filter value is not present for a dashboard chart, it will not populate the chart with any data, when you select a filter value.