We have 18 interactive visualizations to help you plot your data! They show tooltips on hover & have auto scale for axes. You can even customize the axes labels & format. For chart customization, please refer to Chart Customization. Smart axes auto adjust based on the range of values. Also, if the axes values auto rotate in case of long texts.

Following types of visualizations are available.

  1. Data Table

  2. Line chart

  3. Stacked Line chart

  4. Percent Line chart

  5. Scatter Plot

  6. Stacked Area

  7. Percent Area

  8. Stacked Bar

  9. Grouped Bar

  10. Percent Bar

  11. Stacked Column

  12. Grouped Column

  13. Percent Column

  14. Pie Chart

  15. Donut Chart

  16. Funnel

  17. Gauge

  18. Number

For live examples, please refer to Live Dashboards