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  • ✓ Build dashboards in minutes

  • ✓ Design dashboards using drag & drop

  • ✓ Create KPIs graphically

  • ✓ Make better business decisions

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Create professional business dashboards

Dashboard Builder is a full featured web application that allows non technical users to visually create business dashboards. It supports extensive report types, including tabular, summary, pivot, line, chart, pie, bar, column, area, number and more. Dashboard data can be extracted from databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. Dashboards are responsive and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. You can also export dashboards and reports in multiple formats.

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Build interactive dashboards and reports in minutes

Use dashboard builder to quickly create dashboards and reports for your business. Automate most tasks required to build dashboards such as extracting data, KPI visualization and dashboard layout. Avoid exporting data repeatedly to Excel to create pivot charts, and begin analyzing your data in real-time.

Compose dashboards using drag & drop

Build dashboards using a drag and drop interface, without writing a single line of code.

drag and drop interface

Create KPIs using graphical interface

Read data from databases and create key performance indicators using an intuitive, graphical user interface. Visualize the key performance indicators most relevant to your business, and turn information into action without spending time learning coding and complicated SQL.

Visual dashboard layouts

Designing dashboard layout has never been easier. Place widgets on a dashboard, move and resize dashboard widgets using a graphical interface. Build pixel-perfect dashboards and reports.

Dashboards are responsive, mobile-ready

Dashboards are responsive and adapt to any device you use. Access dashboards from anywhere, any time, on standard browsers using any internet-enabled device such as PC, tablet or mobile.

Make informed business decisions

Use Dashboard Builder to create informative dashboards that help you to make more solid business decisions. Monitor KPIs important to your business, draw meaningful insights and take action.

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