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  • ✓ Apply powerful filters & functions

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  • ✓ Supports local, remote or cloud data

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Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool for everyone

Ad-Hoc Reporting Tools like Ubiq enable business end-users to create Ad-Hoc Reports and find instant answers to specific business questions. Business users can create their own reports based on individual information requirements, without depending on IT. Access Ad-Hoc reports online, easily share reports with others and export them in multiple formats like PDF, Image, CSV, etc. Create business reports on-the-fly to find specific information for important business questions. Ubiq provides self-service ad-hoc reporting capabilities for end-users.

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Build Ad-Hoc Reports using Drag & Drop

Ubiq Reporting Application lets you quickly build Ad-Hoc Reports using a drag and drop interface. Easily customize reports with a few clicks. End users can create Ad Hoc Reports to get self-service results without depending on IT. End-user Reports enable business users to easily find answers to business questions as need arises. Easily interact with ad hoc report using filters, dropdowns and sliders. Business users can easily create Ad-Hoc queries without any programming, save the results in beautiful charts and reports. Dynamically drill-down into ad hoc reports to get detailed and specific business information. Ubiq makes it easy for business end-users to create ad hoc report as per their needs and answer business questions quickly.

Real time Ad-Hoc reporting Software

Ubiq Reporting Tools enable you to build Ad-Hoc queries and get specific business information from your data in real-time. They allow you to easily create and view Ad-Hoc reports in real-time. Auto-refresh feature automatically updates reports with the latest data. Ubiq provides wide range of Ad-Hoc reporting features and data visualization options to help you create Ad Hoc reports specifically to answer various business questions. Easily create reports in real-time from existing data sources. Ubiq lets you get useful information about your business as soon as possible. It allows end-users to dynamically filter and drill through ad hoc report data. You can export reports as PDF/Image or copy to clipboard whenever you need. Ubiq empowers end users to easily perform self-service reporting to answer key business questions.

Ad Hoc Reporting Tool for your laptop, cloud or intranet

You can create Ad-Hoc reports from data on your laptop, cloud or intranet. Ubiq lets you view information from multiple databases in a single report, directly in your web browser. You can create ad hoc reports to find key information for specific problems or tasks in your business. You can easily export reports in multiple formats like PDF, Image, CSV, etc and share them with others. Business users can easily create ad hoc report for their team, clients or partners. Ubiq Reporting Solution provides powerful functions to pull data from multiple data sources for ad-hoc analysis and reporting. Build reports from MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Web Services, RDS, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Amazon Redshift. More data sources to be added soon.

Ad-Hoc Reporting and Analysis for any kind of data

Ubiq Reporting Tools let you create Ad-Hoc report from your Website or App database, or applications like Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, etc which use MySQL. End-users can create Ad-Hoc report for different types of business data like Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, IT, etc. Ubiq enables end users to build specific web-based reports about your business without depending on IT.

Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool on the web

Ubiq's Ad-Hoc Reporting Software lets you create, modify and view reports on all major web browsers, smartphones and tablets. It works on Linux, Mac & Windows. Cross Platform Ad-Hoc Report enables end users to quickly find answers to specific business questions by viewing information across various data sources and sharing it with others. Simplify Ad Hoc Reporting for your business.

Quick Setup and Easy to Use

Ubiq Ad Hoc Reporting Application can be setup in minutes by business users. No need to wait for demo or installation. Just sign up & start immediately. Ubiq provides easy-to-use web-based Ad-Hoc analysis and reporting tool for end users. They enable business users to quickly build Ad-Hoc query using drag and drop and get specific information about their business. A web-based, self-service, ad hoc reporting solution makes it convenient to build, modify and manage custom reports for your business.

Secure Ad hoc Reporting Tool

Create and share reports in a secure environment. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

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