Connect your data in just 3 steps!

  • Create a read only user in your database & grant Ubiq's public IP ( the permission to read your database.
  • Provide the credentials of database & newly created user to Create connection form shown below.
  • Optionally create & upload an SSL certificate for secure connection

Based on your data, checkout how to connect MySQL / PostgreSQL / Amazon RDS databases.

Once you have created a read-only user, you can add a database as a data source by clicking on Create Connection on the Data Sources tab, on project homepage.

You will see the above form. Select the type of database you want to create a connection for. Provide the following information:

  • Connector Name - Connection/Data source name you want to refer the connection as.
  • Host name - the host name or IP address of the server your database is hosted on
  • Database name - the name of the database you're connecting
  • User name- the name of a read-only user to your database
  • Password - the password for the read-only user
  • Port Number - the port that the database is listening to (default: 5432 for PostgreSQL & 3306 for MySQL )
  • SSL CA - optional SSL certificate for SSL connections

Click Connect. You will see the data source listed under the Data Sources Tab.