Ubiq is an easy-to-use & powerful Business Intelligence & Reporting Solution. You can analyze & report any kind of data like Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, IT, etc with Ubiq. It helps you explore your data for important trends & numbers without any programming. Query databases using drag & drop, visualize them and pin them onto real time dashboards and reports. Use tons of advanced features like dynamic filters & drill-downs to slice & dice data on the fly.

Hundreds of businesses across the world have grown faster with Ubiq. Our product is suitable for businesses of every size and industry - whether you're a startup, small business or a large enterprise. Try it Today!


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What our customers say

“Ubiq has given us instant access to all our data. The charts are very smart and work very well for us on our wall mounted monitors. Would I recommend it to others? Definitely YES YES YES.”

Mary Blount
IT Manager, MinsterSoft

“Our IT company from Belgium (TIGRON) is very happy to use Ubiq, they have suggested to some of their clients too :)”

Vassilios Lourdas
Systems Engineer, KNX Association

“Ubiq is a great solution for analysts and BI developers. It's simplicity is its greatest feat. It provides many features including automated emails, which other BI tools (like power BI, Qlikview etc) do not posses. Its price is reasonable, and the support is great. This is a highly recommended product.”

Alon Hammer
BI Developer, Browsi

“ At Esprit Games, all departments use Ubiq. Marketing department to estimate ROI, Project managers use Ubiq to understand user behavior & conversions and C-levels monitor global KPIs & metrics. It's our main analytics tool.”

Ilya Arhipov
Operations & Marketing Director, Esprit Games

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