No data storage

Ubiq does not store any of your database user credentials or your actual data (either the data in your data sources or data used to populate the charts). Nor does it send any of it to servers. Your database credentials are stored on your laptop where you setup the ubiq agent.

No ports are opened

Ubiq agent which you download to your laptop/desktop connects your laptop to MySQL on AWS using SSH. It does not send the data in your database to servers. If you connect to MySQL on your laptop or private network, Ubiq agent keeps the data in your database within your network and does not send it to servers. No ports are opened in the process.

Hosted on AWS

Ubiq Analytics is hosted on Amazon Web Services. They have world class security practices and host famous companies like Dropbox, Instagram, Quora, etc. Read more about it at

Read Only Access

No need to enable remote access for local databases. Ubiq agent sits on your laptop and has read-only access to your database. It also blocks undesirable queries like insert, delete, drop, etc from coming through.

Powerful user management

You set the permissions for every user with access to your account (even control who can view your dashboards). Administrators have full access to their account including user management & billing, creators can create charts & dashboards, and viewers can view dashboards. You are the administrator of your account and can assign project based roles to your team mates.

If you have any question, please feel to reach out to us at