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Top 10 SSL Certificate Providers For Your Website

Are you wondering “Where to buy SSL certificate for your website?”. SSL certificate providers offer various kinds of SSL certificates with different levels of security encryption. Here are the top 10 SSL certificate providers for your website. You can buy SSL certificates to secure a single website, an entire domain, or even multiple domains, depending on your requirement.


Why Do You Need SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates encrypt the data transferred between your website and client browsers, providing security via HTTP/TLS. So you can securely transfer sensitive information across the internet as it becomes unreadable for everyone except your web server and client browsers. SSL certificates are issues by trusted third-party certificate authority, also known as SSL certificate providers.


Top 10 SSL Certificate Providers For Your Website

Here are the top 10 SSL certificate providers for your website.


1. RapidSSL

RapidSSL is one of the best SSL certificate provider that offers affordable SSL certificate, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

RapidSSL certificates have 256-bit encryption, and allow you to secure multiple sub-domains and servers without additional cost.

They are recognized by all browsers and are the cheapest SSL certificate provider in the list. Its SSL certificates start from $12.99/year.


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2. Comodo

Comodo is one of the most popular SSL certificate for small-medium businesses. Comodo SSL certificates offer 2048 bit signatures with 256-bit encryption.

It is one of the best SSL certificate for ecommerce websites, with free SSL certificate management tool and Trustlogo site seal.

Comodo SSL certificates start from $99.95/year with 30-day money back guarantee.


3. GeoTrust

GeoTrust is one of the top 3 largest SSL certificate providers with customers in over 150 countries.

Its SSL certificates start from $149/year and offer 256-bit SSL encryption along with GeoTrust Site seal.

GeoTrust’s wildcard certificates can cost up to $599/year.


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4. DigiCert

Digicert is a reliable SSL certificate provider for ecommerce websites, IoT devices, mail systems. It is trusted by all browsers and mobile devices.

It features 256-bit encryption, and 2048-bit RSA keys. Digicert also provides elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and public key encryption suitable for smaller & faster cryptographic keys.

Its pricing starts from $198/year, with wildcard certificates costing $625/year.


5. Entrust

Entrust offers SSL certificates to secure emails, code signing, device authentication and even PDF document signing.

It even offers SiteLock Website Security(SWS) useful for malware removal. All Entrust certificates include SWS. It regularly scans your website for malicious code and malware.

It even offers offer a free SSL certificate management tool. Entrust provides standard SSL certificates starting fro $199/year.


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6. GlobalSign

GlobalSign is also one of the best SSL certificate providers for businesses of all sizes and industry. It also provides SHA-256 encryption, with 2048-bit RSA keys, as well as ECC support.

GlobalSign is trusted by all browsers and offers SSL certificates with Secure Site seal. Its pricing starts from $249/year, with wildcard certificates starting from $849/year.

Their one certificate secures both the www and non-www versions of your website.


7. Thawte

Thawte accounts of 40% of all SSL certificates all over the world. Till date, Thawte has issues about 1 million SSL and code signing certificates.

Like other SSL certificate providers, Thawte provides a free certificate management tool and a Trusted Site Seal.

Their certificates can be installed on multiple servers, without additional cost. You can also re-issue certificates for free, in case of upgrades.

Thawte provides 256-bit encryption and works with all browsers and mobile devices.


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8. Symantec

Symantec is a popular SSL certificate provider. Their SSL certificates come with a Norton Secured Seal, and offer 256-bit encryption.

Majority of Fortune 500 companies use Symantec SSL certificates. Their pricing starts from $349/year to $1899/year.


9. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a reliable SSL certificate provider that supports upto 256-bit encryption.

It even includes a website performance monitoring service which protects your website from hackers. It also scans your websites for any security issues or malware, and automatically alerts you in case of performance or security issues.

Also, Network Solutions will freely replace/re-issue your SSL certificate if you change your hosting provider.

Its pricing starts from $139/year, with wildcard certificates costing $649/year.


10. IdenTrust

IdenTrust is one of the top SSL certificate providers that provides digital authentication services to US government, banks, finance departments and ecommerce sites.

IdenTrust has more than 5 million customers all over the world, and their certificates come with a IdenTrust Secured seal.

Their certificates offer 2048-bit certificates with 128-bit as well as 256-bit encryption, and uses SHA-2 algorithm.

IdenTrust certificates are affordable with prices starting from $99/year for single domain, and $299/year for multiple domains.


As you can see, there are many reliable and trustworthy SSL certificate providers for websites and apps. Hopefully, the above list of SSL certificate providers will help you buy an SSL certificate that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

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