top 5 log management tools

Top 5 Log Management Tools for Monitoring & Analysis

Log management tools enable you to monitor and analyze the data generated by various devices in your tech infrastructure such as servers, network devices, databases, routers, switches, firewalls, etc. so that you can easily identify and fix issues. They support log aggregation and analysis. They also allow you to monitor different types of structured and unstructured data from one place. Here are the top 5 log management tools for monitoring & analysis.

Top 5 Log Management Tools for Monitoring & Analysis

Here are the top 5 log management tools for monitoring & analysis.

1. SolarWinds Log Analyzer

SolarWinds Log Analyzer is one of the most popular log management tools that allow you to aggregate, filter, tag logs and setup automated alerts in case of issues.

It even features event logging, search & filter, real-time monitoring, third-party integration, event data collection and analysis.

You can use SolarWinds Log Analyzer to do root cause analysis, search logs using multiple criteria and even monitor logs in real-time stream.

It allows you to rapidly identify performance & availability issues.

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2. Sematext Logs

Sematext is one of the best log management tools for monitoring and analysis. It is available as cloud-based as well as on-premise versions. Sematext allows you to collect, store, index, monitor and search logs in real-time.

Sematext even allows you to set up automated alerts based on thresholds. It is capable of handling large volumes of data and integrate with third-party tools like Kibana & ElasticSearch.

Sematext offers 14-day free trial, with paid plans starting from $50/month.

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3. Datadog

Datadog is a powerful log monitoring tool that allows you to collect metrics, events and logs from more than 400 services, and get a bird’s eye view of your entire infrastructure.

It allows you to visualize and explore collected data using a graphical interface without any coding or querying. You can use it to discover log patterns and errors using machine-learning.

Datadog also allows you to create real-time analytics dashboards using a drag & drop interface. It supports data collection & monitoring from popular services such as AWS Cloudwatch, NGINX, Elasticsearch and more.

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4. Splunk

Splunk is another popular log monitoring and analysis tool that allows you to analyze and explore machine data to get meaningful insights. It features machine data indexing, drill-down analysis, real-time monitoring, automated alerts, reporting and dashboard.

You can collect, search, store, index, correlate, visualize, analyze machine-generated data. Splunk has the ability to collect & index data from various platforms. It has real-time search, analysis, and visualization.

Splunk provides a free trial, with paid plans starting from $150/GB of data collected. Splunk is suitable for medium-large enterprises.

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5. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer provides end-to-end log management. It is suitable for Application Monitoring, Network monitoring, IT audit and compliance.

It allows you to monitor network devices, security logs, application logs and event logs. It features Syslog management, Server log management, and Event log management.

It is suitable for medium-large enterprises and useful for log aggregation, analysis, searching, filtering, and correlation of application data.

Hopefully, the above log monitoring and analysis tools will help you monitor your tech infrastructure, identify issues, do root cause analysis and act quickly.


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