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Why use Ubiq?

Ubiq's Online Business Intelligence Tools quickly transform data into actionable business intelligence for your organization. Ubiq BI tools enable you to gain meaningful insights about your business and make informed decisions quickly. Ubiq makes it easy for business users to find answers to business questions.

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Quickly gain insights from data using drag & drop

Ubiq's Online Business Intelligence Tools let you easily gain actionable and meaningful insights from business data. It is an online BI tool to quickly transform data into useful business intelligence and improve decision making in your organization. Ubiq provides wide range of analytical and BI reporting capabilities that allows users to find answers to business questions on their own, without relying on IT. Ubiq empowers your organization to easily measure business performance and improve business strategy, gain competitive advantage. Being web-based, Ubiq BI Platform allows users to access and share Business Intelligence online.

analyze data and gain insights using a drag and drop interface

Real time Business Intelligence

Ubiq's web-based BI Tools extract useful information from business data and provide Business Intelligence in real-time. Ubiq allows organizations to measure & monitor business performance in real-time. It lets decision makers and stakeholders to spot opportunities & risks sooner, drill-down into BI reports and dashboards to get detailed information. Ubiq's Online Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools allow organizations to respond quickly to changing business conditions. Being web-based, Ubiq BI Platform allows users to access and share Business Intelligence online. It provides powerful analytics to improve operational insights from your business.

understand and interpret data in real-time dashboards and reports

Get BI from multiple data sources

Ubiq lets you integrate multiple data sources and get actionable BI from various information silos in your organization. It provides valuable insights into the health of your business by providing a consistent view of business performance in different departments and systems. Ubiq lets you understand your organization's business data from multiple sources and make sense of it using just a web browser. It allows users to explore and analyze data online, gain insights and find answers to business questions on their own. Ubiq lets you combine data from multiple sources using your web browser, view it from different perspectives and distribute it more easily. Online BI tools provide a more comprehensive analysis of your organization's data in one place. Analyze MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Web services, RDS. More data sources to be added soon.

integrate multiple data sources from various locations

BI Tool for any kind of organization

Ubiq's cloud-based BI Tools can be used in organzations of any size and nature - from startups to SMEs to enterprise. Ubiq lets you understand business data and gain insights for all functional areas, departments and systems in your organization. It enables stakeholders and decision makers to get a comprehensive view of business performance and improve business strategy to gain competitive advantage. Ubiq makes it easy to quickly get actionable BI from organization's data and make informed decisions. It provides wide range of data analysis and reporting capabilities to analyze data and get insights, useful information and busines intelligence for every aspect of your business. Ubiq's web-based Business Intelligence Solutions empower organizations to optimize cashflow and increase profitability. Analyze any operational data like sales, marketing, finance, customer support etc., and track key performance indicators.

suitable for businesses on any kind

Cross platform BI Tools

Ubiq's Business Intelligence Software lets you access information and gain business insights on all major web browsers and tablets. Ubiq BI Software allows you to explore, analyze and understand data on Mac, Linux and Windows. Being cross-platform web-based application, Ubiq's cloud-based Business Intelligence Applications offer more diverse ways of accessing and distributing reports and dashboards. Ubiq empowers key stakeholders and decision-makers to view Business Intelligence Dashboards anywhere, anytime. Web-based BI platforms offer increased accessibility and responsiveness for organizations. If you're looking for a cloud-based BI solution that allows quick ad-hoc analysis and sharing of reports for easy collaboration, Ubiq is a great option.

ubiq is a cross platform BI application

Rapid deployment and ease of use

Ubiq's easy-to-use Business Intelligence Reporting tools can be setup in minutes without depending on IT. Avoid waiting for a demo or training or installation. Signup and start immediately. Ubiq lets you visually analyze your business information, easily create insightful reports & dashboards for informed decision making. Ubiq's inexpensive BI Tools easily deliver answers to the people that need them. Ubiq is an easy-to-use, cloud based BI tool that can enable any organization to quickly build Business Intelligence Dashboards from organization's data and share insights with others.

quick to setup and easy to use

Secure to use

No need to enable remote access or open ports. Securely connect to MySQL on AWS over SSH. For intranet or private network, ubiq ensures the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq agent sits on your laptop & connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

secure application to use
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“Ubiq has given us instant access to all our data. The charts are very smart and work very well for us on our wall mounted monitors. Would I recommend it to others? Definitely YES YES YES.”

Mary Blount
IT Manager, MinsterSoft

“Our IT company from Belgium (TIGRON) is very happy to use Ubiq, they have suggested to some of their clients too.”

Vassilios Lourdas
Systems Engineer, KNX Association

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