“Our IT company from Belgium (TIGRON) is very happy to use Ubiq, they have suggested to some of their clients too :)”

Vassilios Lourdas
Systems Engineer, KNX Association

“Ubiq has given us instant access to all our data. The charts are very smart and work very well for us on our wall mounted monitors. Would I recommend it to others? Definitely YES.”

Mary Blount
IT Manager, MinsterSoft

“This is a great solution for analysts and BI developers. It's simplicity is its greatest feat. It makes HTML/CSS coding obsolete, and it also supports a mail server, which many other BI tools do not posses. Its price is reasonable, and the support is great. This is a highly recommended product.”

Alon Hammer
BI Team Lead, Browsi

“Several departments use Ubiq. Marketing department to estimate ROI, marketing sources efficiency, gender/age cohorts. Projects managers use ubiq to estimate users behavior, level to level conversions, for example. C-levels estimate global parameters – revenue by games, by game’s platforms, installs, arpu, arppu and many other parameters. Looks like all departments use Ubiq. It’s our main analytics tool.”

Ilya Arhipov
Operations Director, Esprit Games

“So far so good I find Ubiq very intuitive and easy to use. I've already got my dashboard setup with 6 pagelets! ”

Mike Demele
Co-Founder, Lifesaver Apps

“I have been using Ubiq for about a month and absolutely love it. I love your product and have already recommended it to many of my colleagues and friends! ”

Tripp Kerr
VP Operations, 80024 Support

“We love Ubiq, and the continuous improvements you make. The redesign looks really nice! ”

Jared Tobman
CEO, Staff Me Up

“The app is excellent with all the right level of features for my dashboarding. I have moved to a paid package. It took me quite a while to find your service though, but very pleased with it to date. ”

Dominic O'Nions
Founder, Ashburton Cookery School

“You will be happy to know, Ubiq is one of the tools we highly recommend depending on customer needs/profile.”

Carmen Vadini
President & Founder, Glew.io

“Ubiq is an amazing product with many useful features.”

Mahmoud El Magdoub
Senior Product Manager, Basharsoft

“We love your service. It is very easy to use and intuitive.”

Adam O'Donnell
Senior Manager, Quantifize

“We are happy with Ubiq and have upgraded to your paid plan.”

Walter Stewart
Managing Director, Agility Squared

“I am really amazed by the power of Ubiq. Not only it gives fast reporting for users but it is also intuitive and easy to use.”

Kristher Louis Vidal
Web Developer, PixelHub Design Studio

“I just tried Ubiq and really liked how light weight it is and easy to use.”

Josephine Penaga
Senior Data Analyst, Linden Lab

“Ubiq is a great value for money.”

Audrey De Valbrey
Founder, Beepjob

“I love Ubiq. It is very user friendly and can query easily.”

Michelle Gonzalez
IT Manager, LaQuintaca.gov

“We have been using Ubiq for almost a year now and we are very happy with it. ”

Gregory Dymarek
Data Engineer, Qikserve

“Ubiq is a very impressive tool and very easy to use!”

Roberto Galan
Founder, Bytery

“I’m actually very pleased with Ubiq, using it every day. It is very helpful.”

Christian Ratsch
MD & Founder, EcomCon

“Ubiq looks promising. It has many good features.”

Tom Zagorsky
Senior Software Engineer, Dewsly

“You’ve created a great product. I have shown Ubiq to our business partner who requested we create reports for them.”

Michael Baumann
CEO & Founder, YourSBA.com

“Ubiq is a very very good and useful product. It easily saves 10x the time needed to write a query and filters etc,”

Mo Ghaoui

“We have been using Ubiq for our team of 15 members for more than 2 years. We have even recommended it to the QBE team in Brazil.”

Fernando Gomez
IT Manager, QBE International

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