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Top 6 Customer Service KPIs You Must Monitor Regularly

Customer service KPIs & metrics help you measure customer service performance & quality. It’s essential to track the right customer support KPIs & metrics to ensure that your strategy is going in the right direction. Here are the top 6 Customer Service KPIs that you must monitor regularly to grow your business.


Top 6 Customer Service KPIs You Must Monitor Regularly

Here are the top 6 customer service KPIs that you can track regularly, and use as reference when you build metrics for business dashboard reporting.


1. Average Response Time

Average Response Time is the time taken for your customer support agent to respond to a customer call. It is measured as the time between customer placing the call and your agent responding to it. It is one of the most important customer service KPIs. Long average response times reduce customer satisfaction. In fact, 67% of customers hang up the phone after waiting for 1 minute. So ensure that your agents promptly attend service calls. Measure this KPIs daily/weekly to understand & predict customer demand.

average response time

You can also track daily average response time for your call center, with the help of a data visualization software.

daily average response time


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2. Number of issues

If your customer support team is flooded with issues, it will take a long time for them to respond and resolve customer complaints.

number of issues

So track the number of issues every hour/day using a business intelligence solution, to figure out when you get most calls, what they are about, and allocate adequate resources for it.

daily number of issues

Also look at number of issues by each communication channel to understand how your customers try to reach you, and adapt accordingly.

number of issues by channel


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3. First Call Resolution (FCR)

First Call Resolution stands for the number of times a customer issue has been resolved during the first call itself, without any call transfers. It is one of the most important customer service KPIs to improve customer satisfaction. Increase this metric to make customers happy. You can do this by providing comprehensive Q&A reference to your agents, helping them improve communication skills, and putting a clear process in place.

first call resolution


4. Average Time to Close

Average Time to Close is the average time taken to completely resolve an issue after receiving its first call. The less time it takes to resolve issues, the more satisfied your customer will be.

average time to close

Monitor Average Time to Close for each channel, complaint topic to identify which business areas and communication channels take the most time for resolution.

average time to close by channel

See if you can reduce this KPI through more resources, streamlined processes or better training.


5. Customer Satisfaction (Net Promoter Score)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures how likely your customers are to recommend your product or service to anyone such as a friend, relative or colleague?

Ask your customer to rate your business on a scale of 0-10, 10 being most likely and 0 being least likely. Group your customer responses into 3 buckets – 0-6 are detractors, 7-8 are passives and 9-10 are promoters. Reach out to detractors and ask them how you can improve your offering. Compare your scores with those of your competitors to see if you need to improve a lot.


6. Top Performing Agents

Last but not the least, keep track of your top performing agents and reward them periodically, so that they are motivated and do better. Encourage them to share their best practices so that even other agents in your technical support team cam improve.

Make sure you measure each agent on multiple parameters such as FCR, number of resolved issues, customer feedback. Also, ensure that you measure their performance over a reasonable time, so that luck-based instances and random incidents don’t skew your results.

top performing call agents


Customer service dashboard is one of the key types of business dashboards for every business. You can track these customer service KPIs and metrics using dashboard software and share these KPIs with your technical support team so that they know where they stand and where they need to go.


Here’s a sample customer service dashboard created using Ubiq that displays many B2B customer service KPIs.

customer service dashboard


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