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Top 5 Email Marketing KPI Metrics for Email Marketers

Email marketing KPI metrics allow you to measure email marketing performance of your marketing campaign strategy. Here are the top 5 email marketing KPI metrics for email marketers that you must monitor.


Top 5 Email Marketing KPI Metrics for Email Marketers

Here are the top 5 email marketing KPI metrics for email marketers


1. Open Rate

Open Rate is the number of times your emails have been opened by recipients. If people don’t even open your emails then all your hard work will go in vain. So Open rate is one of the most important email marketing KPI metrics that tells you if you are sending emails to the right audience and if your subject lines are clickworthy.

If you have low email open rate then it might be because you are targeting the wrong audience or because your subject lines aren’t catchy enough.

Every industry has an open rate benchmark, so make sure your email open rates are at least equal to the typical value.

Please note, opening text-only emails won’t register as opens. Similarly, if images are disabled on your recipients’ email client then also opens won’t be registered.

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2. Click-through rate

Click-through rate is one of the most popular email marketing KPI metrics that allows you to measure the number of people who have clicked the links in your emails.

If you have low click through rate, then you may want to display links as buttons. Also, you can try changing the click-to-action (CTA) text to increase click through rates.

Please note, clicking on unsubscribe button also counts as a click. So it is important to track which links are being clicked in your emails.

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3. Click-to-Open Rate

Click to Open Rate is the ratio of number of clicks to number of opens. It tells you, of the people who opened your emails, how many actually clicked on your links.

If your click to open rate is low, it means that many people open your emails but very few of them click on the links in it. In such cases, you need to make your offers to be more in line with your subject lines.

On the other hand, if your click to open rate is high it means your links are clickworthy but your subject line is not catchy. So many are not opening your emails. In that case you need to change your email subject line to be more interesting and relevant.

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4. Unsubscribe Rate

Unsubscribe rate is the number of people who have voluntarily clicked on Unsubscribe button in your emails. It tells you who don’t want to be on your email list, and need to be removed.

Also, these are people who haven’t reported your email to be a spam. It is just that they are not interested in what you have to offer, or it is simply irrelevant for them.

If your unsubscribe rate is high, you may want to cleanup your email list, and segment your list into more focused groups. This will help you target the right people and reduce unsubscribe rate.

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5. Bounce Rate (Hard and Soft)

Bounce rate tells you the number of emails that have not been delivered and have bounced.  There are two types of email bounces.

Hard bounces occur in case the recipient email address doesn’t exist. This may happen because the recipient incorrectly typed their email address, or because they have left the organization and their email address doesn’t exist anymore.

You need to remove such email addresses from your list, as soon as possible.

On the other hand, soft bounces occur because the recipients’ inbox is full or their email server is down. In such cases, your email provider will try to resend the message a few more times.


Track these Email marketing KPI metrics in a dashboard and regularly review with your team. Here’s an example of a Email Marketing KPI dashboard created using Ubiq.

email marketing dashboard


Although there are many email marketing KPI metrics, the above ones matter the most.

All major email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc allow you to measure these email marketing KPI metrics and also do A/B testing with different email subject lines & content.

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