How Can Business Intelligence Improve Customer Service

In today’s competitive digital market, customer service is as important as the products and services. While rating the user experience of a product, it is essential to understand what your buyers think about it. Multiple companies incur heavy losses when customers do not return. Therefore, they need to understand their customer’s behaviours better to improve service and products. 

“It is said that 80% of buyers state that the experience a brand provides is as crucial as their product or services.”

Below are some customer service statistics from Salesforce, a reputed CRM software company.

Salesforce Statistics of Customer Service and Satisfaction

Image Source: SalesForce

But how can a business improve its customer service?

Among all other organizational goals, customer analytics services improve customer experience. Therefore, analytics alone cannot do the job effectively on its own. Thus, business intelligence (BI) customer service provides quick, organized, and fact-based answers.

How can business intelligence and customer data analytics software help gain valuable customer insights?

BI is proficient in delivering better business insights and enabling you to make informed data-driven decisions in today’s competitive landscape. 

Top 4 ways to improve customer satisfaction:

1. Stronger Customer Voice

The most excellent advancement to adapt is a powerful customer voice to improve your customer service. Targeted consumers and actual customers can share feedback in real-time without even realizing it.

Through BI, every time a customer shares a review on your business on Facebook, buys a product, clicks on an ad, or interacts in any other way with your firm, it can scoop up that information, and you use it to improve your company’s performance.

2. Quickly Identify Trends

Customer service is undoubtedly one of the main reasons people choose to stick with a business over time. The ideal way to stay competitive in customer service today is through real-time and accurate identification of trends.

Assessing key performance indicators is the crucial step in that process. BI and customer support analytics lead the way. It accumulates data and visualizes the same, so you can see what’s coming for your operation. You can jump on the latest shifts and implement the best customer service tactics.

3. Informed Decision Making

BI withdraws the guesswork and allows you to make informed data-driven decisions on the data in front of you. Your dashboard helps you to see which channels are most booming at converting your customers, so you can acclimate your strategy or change your approach to maximize ROI. 

In such a scenario, you might witness that your sponsored LinkedIn posts are liable for more conversions than your other PPC campaign and decide to change your keyword strategy or channel your marketing budget into LinkedIn.

4. Smash Sales and Marketing Goals

One of the fantastic benefits of boosting customer experience is seeing an increase in sales. When customers are more satisfied, they spend more money on each purchase and buy from your company more frequently. Consider that they even tell their friends and family about their experience and drive more customers to your business. The foundation of excellent customer experience is encouraging loyalty. Your loyal customers spend more money on your products & services and eventually become your brand promoters.

Every company has its marketing goals, and often these goals can feel overwhelming to staff. Well, putting that into action is a difficult thing. With BI software, you can see what parts of your marketing are victorious and which are not. You can concentrate more time, attention, and resources on marketing campaigns that are proven to be efficient and improve your sales without doing effortlessly.  

Final thoughts

Once you have your BI dashboard in place and reporting live on your business activities. You open up new opportunities to engrave customers and stay that crucial step ahead of your competition.


Sreeram Sreenivasan is the Founder of Ubiq. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies in the areas of BI & software development.