Web and Game Developers: What Are the Differences?

If you are interested in programming languages and aim to build a career in this field then you must analyze your potential paths. Globally there are 2 main sides: to become a web developer or a game designer. Some several differences and particularities will help you to make a choice.

The IT path for you to choose

If you are wondering what field and career you should select then the answer is really obvious. You have to prefer that path that suits your skills, desires, impressions, and interests the most. Such a simple answer will definitely provoke a variety of extra questions and don’t help you to choose Web Dev or Game Dev. 

Experts in Human Resources explain that there are many criteria to define your place in the IT industry. For instance, a famous company https://jatapp.com/blog/how-to-hire-a-software-development-company/ offers individuals to answer basic questions to clear the picture of their future. It helps you to imagine an ordinary Game or Web developer life. With such knowledge, you can decide which path is the best for you. 

So the best way is to start with counting the positive and negative sides of being a Web and Game developer. Let’s analyze both advantages and disadvantages for these careers by answering common questions about mentioned job positions. 

Key responsibilities of a game designer

If you wonder what does a game designer do then be sure their everyday working routine is focused on releasing games. Modern games are a true art that consists of creating characters, stories, visual effects, sounds, and so on. As a result, as a developer, you will be concerned with developing any of the listed above components and making the new game release successful.

Also, depending on your position in a company, you can perform different responsibilities. You may be a team leader, programmer, developer, 3D artist, etc. As a result, the key duties and tasks of every member of the team vary. For instance, as a game designer, you’ll work with developing the layout of the game, creating the main theme, setting a creative vision of the gameplay, planning the concept, and so on. 

You will also propose features for gameplay so a programmer can release your ideas using the core framework. It means that web game development is closely connected to programming. Releasing games is teamwork that requires every member of the company to bring precious ideas and pay all strength to complete the project on time. 

Key responsibilities of a web developer

The answer to the question ‘What are your main tasks and duties as a web developer’ will help you to clarify the perspectives of your career. A web developer is focused on developing websites and relevant content to perform high-quality web optimization that helps to be ranked at the higher positions in the search engines. In general, as a web developer, you must complete a comprehensive job starting from doing a design, implementing important features, fixing issues, testing web pages, and so on. 

There are many different types of websites. You can work on platforms for huge companies and small personal blogs depending on your customers’ needs. Also, your programming language is important to define your perspectives. Usually, programmers use specific programming languages that match their needs and tasks. 

Like in game development, website development means there are designers and developers as well. This fact highlights that this area has multiple layers before the project is completed. Designers are concerned with visual elements; developers are focused on coding. You may also be asked about making a gaming website that combines your Web Dev skills with acknowledgment with the gaming industry. The symbiosis of these branches allows experts to bring a visual image from the template to life on the Web. 

In addition, there is extra categorization on front-end experts who work with the front side of the website and back-end experts who perform back-side tasks. Web developers use different programming languages depending on this criterion. For instance, back-end developers use Python and PHP while front-end developers use JavaScript and CSS.

How hard it is to be a game developer

First of all, game development isn’t entertainment. Many people select this career because they want to have fun. Maybe you will have fun but only because you truly love and enjoy your job day by day no matter the issues. 

Be ready to spend 10-12 hours per day doing your job. It means sitting at the table all day long. As a result, your eye care and healthy back should be in priority.

Another important thing to mention is dealing with issues all the time. You must be a perfectionist who cares for every little detail. Fixing bugs will follow you forever, and you must accept this fact.

If English isn’t your native language then it’s better to learn it. The problem is in educational materials: most new and relevant resources contain content in English.

How hard it is to be a website developer

Most of the problems mentioned above are related to website development too (except the statement about having fun with games). At the same time, experts said that this field is easier than game development. 

The reason is simple: in web design, you don’t use math as much as in game design. So if you are not a Math fan then this fact will add extra bonuses to the Web Dev area. With less Math involved, web development is focused on fewer libraries and algorithms. It means you don’t need to remember and use a huge variety of options every day.

The main benefit of web development is a simpler job hunting process. If you compare web development vs web design then there are much more job offers for Web developers in the market. Also, your skills in website creating are more versatile and portable. It means you may have more opportunities for growth in the future.

Well, both web and game development is hard and exciting. So it’s only up to you to decide which path you should choose. Anyway, the IT industry is very career-oriented and beneficial for both junior and senior specialists. You can find your true purpose in your career!

BIO: Jenson O’Connell is an experienced content creator who writes on IT development and technology issues. He regularly publishes in many high-profile editions and helps his readers understand trends in the tech industry and programming infrastructure.


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