MySQL BI Reporting Tools that are Easy

  • ✓ Easily create reports & dashboards

  • ✓ Analyze data using drag & drop

  • ✓ Apply powerful filters & functions

  • ✓ Share reports with your team

  • ✓ Supports local, remote or cloud data

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MySQL BI Reporting Tools that just work

MySQL BI Reporting Tools like Ubiq enable anyone to draw insights and take action. Empower your organization to retrieve, analyze and report data, and make better decisions. Transform data into insights. Real-time business intelligence at your fingertips. Collaborate and share BI Reports with your team.

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drag and drop

Easy-to-use BI Report Tool

Explore, analyze & visualize data, in minutes, using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Choose from a wide range of tables, charts, graphs and other visual BI tools.

Real-time BI Reporting Tool

Dashboards, Charts & Reports show live data and refresh automatically. Get insights in real-time and take action.

real time

for local or remote MySQL

Cloud-based MySQL BI

Pull data from multiple sources in a single report, simply using your browser. Instantly find business insights you need. Make better decisions, faster.

For every industry, department & team

Create BI Reports and interactive dashboards for every area of your business - marketing, sales, operations, IT, HR, etc. View or publish dashboards & reports in various formats. Schedule automated email reports.

for any kind of data

cross platform

Mobile BI

Access BI dashboards & reports on any platform - laptop, tablets or mobile. View them on Linux, Mac or Windows. MySQL Business Intelligence, on the go.

Get started right now

A feature-rich MySQL BI Tool to create, understand & share reports quickly and easily, with minimal IT involvement. No lengthy installation or documentation. Signup and try it out immediately. Save weeks or even months spent setting up MySQL BI Tools for your organization.

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secure to use

Secure to use

No need to enable remote access or open ports. For intranet or private network, ubiq ensures the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq agent sits on your laptop & connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

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