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MySQL Reporting Tools that just work!

Ubiq is a MySQL Reporting & business intelligence tool that is easy & powerful. Ubiq integrates well with MySQL database and allows users to create dashboards & visualizations on the fly using drag & drop interface, or using SQL queries. Its robust BI capabilities enable you to build stunning MySQL reports, dashboards & charts for every organization, department & role. Ubiq's MySQL Reporting Services make it very easy to share data/findings with others. Analyze all your MySQL data, track key metrics from one place. Impress your team, clients & business partners with powerful MySQL analytics & visualization.

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Best MySQL Reporting Tools

Create MySQL reports & dashboards to monitor key performance metrics, spot trends & patterns, and grow your business. Customize every aspect of your dashboards & visualizations as per your brand or client requirements. Collaborate with multiple users and easily share insights with others.

drag and drop report builder

Drag & Drop Report Builder

Create charts, reports & dashboards using a visual drag & drop interface, without any coding, technical knowledge or IT assistance. Customize every aspect of your dashboards & reports, such as colors, fonts, formatting and layouts, with a few clicks. Easily share them with your team, clients & partners.

sql editor

Advanced SQL Editor

Query MySQL database with our SQL query editor. Visualize query results as charts & graphs, and pin them onto real-time dashboards. It is perfect for technical users who want to simply type SQL queries, and save their results as charts & reports. Easily migrate your existing SQL reports into stunning visualizations.

enterprise business intelligence

MySQL reporting for every organization

Easily create reports & dashboards for every department in your organization - whether it is a startup, SMB or large enterprise. Our MySQL Reporting Services work well with any kind of MySQL database, whether it is for a website, an app or even Enterprise system.

business inteligence collaboration

Easy collaboration

Collaborate with others in multiple ways, to analyze data, brainstorm insights and iterate over feedback. Share dashboards via URL, export visualizations & dashboards in various formats. Work together, better.

schedule automated email reports

Schedule automated email reports

Send automated email reports to your team, clients and partners with customized email messages. Schedule daily/weekly email reports and Ubiq will take care of the rest. It is a great way to keep everyone in the loop and involve them in your business growth.

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Easy MySQL Business Intelligence

Our MySQL reporting tools enable users to easily query MySQL database visually, or using SQL, get insights and collaborate with their team, clients & business partners. Empower everyone in your organization to understand data, and answer business questions, on their own, without any technical assistance. Suitable for business users as well as data professionals.

data analytics software

Analyze massive amounts of data

Analyze large volumes of data with our MySQL BI platform. Draw useful insights and make data-driven decisions to grow your business. Ubiq scales well as your MySQL data grows with time. Leverage the full processing capabilities of your database with our MySQL Reporting Tool.

real time reporting tool

Real time MySQL reporting

Get latest insights with our real-time MySQL reporting services. No need to wait for hours or days to get reports. View latest information present in your MySQL database, with our live dashboards & reports, that automatically refresh to update themselves. Monitor business performance and track key peformance metrics as things happen.

self service bi tool

Self Service BI

Connect Ubiq to MySQL database with a couple of clicks. Analyze data visually using our intuitive drag & drop SQL query builder. Transform MySQL data into beautiful charts & dashboards that you can easily share with your team, clients & business partners. No need for any technical knowledge or IT assistance.

mobile bi

Get Business Insights anywhere, at any time

Access MySQL business intelligence & analytics from your laptop, workstation or mobile devices. Monitor business operations, analyze data, track vital stats from your office, home or while on the move. Ubiq makes it easy to stay in touch with your business all the time.

user management and access permissions

Advanced User Management

Enable every department & team in your organization to access reports & dashboards that are relevant to them. Manage users & access permissions so each user can see only what they are authorized to view. Empower everyone in your organization to monitor performance metrics, and make decisions. Make Ubiq the go-to analytics platform for every department.

multi tenant bi solution

Multi tenant business intelligence

Work with multiple teams and clients using a single Ubiq account. Our multi-tenant BI solution allows you to create separate BI environment for each tenant, each with its own data sources, charts, dashboards & user permissions. Manage multiple teams and users from one place. Great for BI consultants & agencies.

Analyze MySQL data in minutes, get insights & make decisions

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MySQL Data Visualization for everyone

Visualize MySQL data without any coding. Customize charts, graphs & visualizations easily and share them with your team, clients & partners. Understand data visually, in minutes.

wide range of data visualization

Choose from 40+ types of visualization

Visualize MySQL data using more than 40 types of charts - from basic ones such as line, bar, column, pie to advanced ones like crosstabs, pivot tables and even maps. Present your insights and findings precisely how you want it. Impress your team, clients & business partners.

custom charts & graphs

Customize visualizations with a few clicks

Customize every aspect of your visualizations as per your brand, or client requirements. Change colors, formatting, labels, and other things with a few clicks. Suitable for organizations as well as agencies.

interactive data visualization

Interactive visualization

Say goodbye to static charts & graphs. Enjoy the power of dynamic visualizations that update based on user interactions and add tremendous value to your MySQL business intelligence & data analytics projects.

share charts, graphs & reports

Share visualizations with others

Share charts & graphs in multiple ways allowing users to collaborate better. Enable everyone in your team to understand data, draw insights and make informed decisions. Empower them to improve business performance quickly.

Visualize MySQL data into 40+ types of charts, graphs & reports!

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Powerful MySQL Analytics

Analyze MySQL data in numerous ways to discover patterns and relationships. Investigate business issues, identify new growth opportunities and explore data without any technical knowledge. Make data-driven decisions.

data analysis

Slice & Dice data on the fly

Ubiq's powerful MySQL data analysis features allow you to analyze large volumes of data in seconds, and present results using interactive visualizations, charts, graphs & reports. It is capable of handling the most complex data sets and business rules.

visual analytics software

Visual Analytics

Analyze MySQL data visually, using charts, graphs & dashboards. Create data aggregations & summaries, performance trends, condition-based filters, pivot tables, crosstabs, and more without any coding. Explore MySQL data to uncover important trends, and get answers to business questions. Suitable for business users as well as data analysts.

data filters

Advanced filters

Narrow down your large MySQL data with our powerful filters. Filter data by product, date, location, user or any other dimension. Run pattern matches, draw comparisons, and apply date based filters to precisely extract the data you want. Refine your analysis by clearly defining the data that goes into it.

drill down and drill throughs

Powerful drill-downs

Look into trends and investigate insights further using drill-downs and drill-throughs. Discover insights and spot new growth opportunities hidden within mountains of data.

custom formula and variables

Custom Formula & Variables

Build custom variables and formula as per your business rules and use them directly in your data analysis and visualizations. Useful for tracking KPIs and performance metrics. Create it once, use it everywhere. No need to repeat your work unnecessarily.

data export

Export data for further analysis

Export data analysis results in multiple formats for further analysis. Share data/findings with your team to foster collaboration & team work.

Query MySQL data using drag & drop, or SQL editor

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Create MySQL Dashboards in minutes

Create business dashboards using MySQL data, for every department and role in your organization. Track key metrics and KPIs that matter to your business, from one place. Get at-a-glance status of your business from one place, and manage your operations effectively.

business dashboard software

Build professional dashboards

Build interactive MySQL dashboards for your business, clients and partners. Enable everyone to monitor performance, track key metrics, spot issues and take data-driven actions. Identify new growth opportunities and drive your business.

build custom dashboards

Build custom dashboards for every department & role

Create customized dashboards for every role, department & team in your organization. Whether it is strategic dashboards for C-level executives, analytics dashboards for data professionals or operational dashboards for managers, Ubiq makes it easy to build them all.

kpi dashboard software

Track all KPI & metrics from one place

Connect to various data sources in your organization and track all the key performance metrics from one place. Create, track & manage KPIs and metrics about every department in your organization, using Ubiq. Build KPIs for every level of your organization and monitor them using real-time dashboards.

mobile responsive dashboards

Responsive, mobile-ready dashboards

Our dashboards work well on web browsers and mobile devices. Access dashboards on your laptop, workstation, tablets or mobile phone. Take your business dashboards with you wherever you go. Monitor KPIs and get insights from anywhere, at any time.

share dashboards

Share dashboards with a click

Share dashboards with your team & clients, and collaborate better. Enable everyone to be a part of the discussion, improve performance and grow your business.

auto refresh dashboards

Auto refresh dashboards

Our dashboards automatically update themselves to display the latest information present in your MySQL database. No need to manually refresh or re-publish dashboards. Stay up-to-date with latest numbers and stats about your business.

Build professional-looking MySQL dashboard without coding

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