enable apache mod_session

How To Install Apache mod_session in Ubuntu

mod_session allows you to easily manage and control sessions based on specific conditions and for specific URLs. Here’s how to install Apache mod_session in Ubuntu. You can also use these steps to enable mod_session in Apache for other Debian Linux systems.

How To Install Apache mod_session in Ubuntu

Here are the steps to install mod_session in Apache.

1. Check if mod_session is enabled

In many cases, mod_session is already installed and enabled in Apache. So you may not need to do anything.

Open terminal and run the following command to check if mod_session is already installed in Apache.

$ apachectl -M | grep session

If you get an output it means mod_session is already installed. Else it means you need to install mod_session.

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2. Install mod_session

Run the following command to install and enable mod_session.

$ sudo a2enmod session

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3. Restart Apache Server

Restart Apache server to apply changes

$ sudo service apache2 restart

That’s it! mod_session should be installed and enabled for you.