enable mod_ssl in apache

How To Enable mod_ssl in Apache

mod_ssl is a useful Apache module required to support SSL v2/v3, TLS v1 and enable HTTPS in Apache web server. Here’s how to install and enable mod_ssl in Apache web server. You can use these steps to install mod_ssl in Ubuntu, CentOS.

How To Enable mod_ssl in Apache

Apache is a powerful web server that offers many useful features such as URL redirection, caching and SSL security. Here are the steps to enable mod_ssl in Apache. After you enable mod_ssl in Apache, you may want to use a reporting software to monitor the key metrics about your website/application such as signups, traffic, sales, operations, etc. using dashboards & charts, to ensure everything is working well.

1. Install mod_ssl in Apache

Open terminal and run the following command to install Apache mod_ssl.

$ yum install mod_ssl #redhat linux

mod_ssl is already installed by default in Ubuntu/Debian distributions. You just need to enable it with the following command

$ sudo a2enmod ssl

2. Configure mod_ssl in Apache

Open mod_ssl Apache configuration

$ sudo vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf

Enable name-based virtual host on port 443 by adding the following text just before the SSL Virtual Host Context comment

# Use name-base virtual hosting
NameVirtualHost *:443

Comment out all text following the SSL Virtual Host Context comment, to disable the default https host

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3. Restart Apache web server

Run the following command to restart your Apache web server

# sudo service httpd restart           [On RedHat based systems]
# sudo service apache2 restart         [On Debian based systems]

That’s it! Now mod_ssl will be enabled in Apache web server. Your Apache web server will support SSLv2/v3 as well as TLS v1.

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