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Top Database Blogs to Follow

Database blogs are a good source of useful tips, tools and resources for database developers, website administrators and web developers. They help you stay up-to-date about latest developments in the field of databases, as well as find solutions to various database problems. Here are the top database blogs you can follow to get useful insights and knowledge.

Top Database blogs to Follow

Here are the top database blogs to follow for web developers, database administrators and webmasters.

1. Database Performance Blog

Database Performance Blog by Percona is one of the most popular database blogs for web developers and database administrators.

It provides regular posts about popular databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

As the name suggests, their posts are centered around optimizing your database for maximum performance. Therefore, it is very useful for anyone working with databases.

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2. Planet MySQL

Planet MySQL is one of the oldest database blogs for MySQL. It is suitable for anyone working with MySQL and its variants such as MariaDB, AWS RDS, AWS Aurora.

It covers a wide range of blog posts about latest news, updates and feature releases in the world of MySQL databases.

Planet MySQL also includes tons of MySQL tutorials such as horizontal sharding, using MySQL clones in Kubernetes, mapping JSON object to Relational database and more.

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3. SQLServer Central

SQL Server Central is a comprehensive blog of insightful articles, tutorials, tips and resources for SQL Server users. Founded in 2001, it also has a community of over 800,000 users and even features a Q&A forum where members can help out each other with SQL Server related issues.

If you are a database administrator or web developer who works with SQL Server, or a student/job seeker who wants to learn more about SQL Server, this is a very good blog to follow.

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4. Database Journal

Database Journal is another popular resource for database professionals that provides high quality tutorials, resources, scripts and tools to help you work with databases.

Its content ranges from simple articles about individual functions & queries to complex ones about database architecture and performance.

Database journal publishes articles about MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase. It even writes about PHP. It also includes a Q&A forum.

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5. AWS Database Blog

AWS is the most popular cloud infrastructure platform and runs a database blog that publishes high quality posts about how to use various database offerings of AWS.

It also publishes news, updates and feature releases about popular databases and AWS. If your infrastructure runs on AWS, then it is a useful blog with useful tips and articles.

All of the above blogs publish articles daily, and have social media pages that you can follow for daily updates.

Hopefully, the above article helps you find useful tips & resources for databases.