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Top 5 Visual SQL Query Builder

Visual SQL query builders make it easy to create SQL queries and get results without any SQL knowledge or coding. They provide drag-and-drop or point-and-click interfaces that allow even non-technical users to build SQL queries quickly. Some of them even provide a charting environment that allows users to save SQL query results as charts, reports and dashboards, and share them with their team to get insights from data. Here are the top 5 visual SQL query builders that you can try for your business.

Best Visual SQL Query Builders

Here are the top 5 Visual SQL query builders that are good for building SQL queries.

1. Ubiq

Ubiq is an easy-to-use, powerful visual SQL query builder that allows you to easily create SQL queries using a drag & drop interface. It works with local, remote and cloud databases. Ubiq supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Redshift, and even Google Analytics.

With Ubiq’s web-based visual SQL query builder, you can aggregate data using GROUP BY, filter data using WHERE clause, and even create SQL queries from multiple tables using SQL joins. Ubiq also supports custom fields and expressions in your SQL queries. You can even save SQL queries for future use.

It provides automatic SQL indentation and beautification, and supports a wide range of SQL functions for date/time calculations, aggregation, filtering, ranking, frequency distribution, data analysis, and more. It has dynamic filters to filter SQL query results on-the-fly using dropdowns and sliders.

Ubiq also features more than 35 different chart types to visualize the result of your SQL queries. So you can also use it to build dashboards & reports, and share them with your team. Ubiq offers a free 14-day trial, with paid plans starting from $29/month. Try Ubiq for free.

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2. dbforge SQL Query Builder

dbforge offers an SQL Server query builder that is suitable for teams that work with Microsoft SQL Server. It is a desktop software that provides a wide range of features to create SQL queries using a graphical interface.

It also supports filters, joins, aggregations, SQL functions, and more. dbforge also features custom expressions and fields. It provides a visual overview of your SQL query, much like MS access.

However, it works with SQL Server database only. Also, it does not have the ability to visualize SQL query result, or create charts & dashboard from SQL queries. So it may not be suitable for reporting, data visualization, dashboarding or business intelligence.

Nevertheless, it is a robust and mature product.

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3. Active Query Builder

Active Query Builder is an online SQL query builder that allows users to connect to external databases, create SQL queries using graphical interface, filter data and create ad-hoc reports from query results.

It even allows users to visualize database schema for better understanding, and also has a programmer API. You can also embed this query builder in your reporting tool. However, it works only with external databases that are publicly accessible.

Active Query Builder is a good visual SQL query builder online for embedded analytics and reporting. It might not be meant for business intelligence, dashboard reporting, or data visualization.

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4. FlySpeed SQL

FlySpeed SQL is also a mature SQL query builder that allows you to quickly build SQL queries using a visual interface. It is a windows application that allows you to connect to databases, build & run SQL queries, filter data, and export results in different formats.

FlySpeed SQL is a simple SQL query builder for professionals and SQL newbies. However, its features are limited in the areas of data analysis and visualization. So you may not be able to use it to analyze & report data.

Also, it is meant for single user and does not offer collaboration features such as query sharing capabilities.

Nevertheless, FlySpeed SQL is a good tool for visually creating SQL queries and viewing result as tables.

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5. AquaFold Visual SQL Query Builder

Aquafold Visual Query Builder is a SQL query builder for users to manage and analyze complex data. It provides a drag & drop interface to build SQL queries.

Like Ubiq, it also features joins, group by, operators, filters, expressions, sorting, and more. It is suitable for developers, database administrators, and data analysts.

However, it lacks data visualization, charting and user management features. So you may not be able to save SQL query results as charts, reports and dashboards, and share them with your team.

Nevertheless, it is a good tool to build SQL queries visually and get results.


All the above tools allow you to build SQL queries visually without coding or SQL knowledge. Most of them are desktop tools meant for single users who need to quickly build & run SQL queries. However, these days, you may need a visual SQL query builder that not only allows you to build SQL queries visually but also save them for later use, visualize their result in charts & dashboards, and share them with other users. If you are looking for such a new age visual SQL builder tool, you might want to try Ubiq.


Sreeram Sreenivasan is the Founder of Ubiq. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies in the areas of BI & software development.