Everything you need to know about BI Reporting Tools

Everything you need to know about BI Reporting Tools

When it comes to Companies that deal with data on a daily basis, analytical tools become the need of the hour. BI Reporting Tools have revolutionized the industry and made the jobs of managers easy. Let’s look at the working of these tools part by part. First, let’s dive into the importance of BI analytics tools and why they are used. Almost every industry consists of some of the other means of data and figures. Some might include a medium amount of statistics while other companies might deal with an ocean of data. Hence, a system that eases the collection, monitoring, and organization of data could be a huge help for the people looking after these processes. This is where these tools come into the picture. They make the processes of data reporting and analysis convenient for everyone.

Here are the top benefits of Business Intelligence Tools:

1) Presenting the right data the right way: Data can’t afford to be inaccurate. It should be 100% accurate, reliable, and easy to check. First comes cleaning up the excessive data. Then, comes organizing and categorizing the data. Before presenting the actual data it’s necessary to categorize them in the right sequence. Finally, choose the right template to present your data. The data visualization should be in a way that it should be reader-friendly for everyone. 

2) Suitable for companies of all sizes: Be it big or small, every organization needs smart tools like BI reporting software for effective data analysis, accumulation, and representation of data and statistics. That’s the prime reason why companies, irrespective of their sizes, opt for Business Intelligence Tools. They make the process of pulling information and data quick and convenient. 

3) Saving valuable time for your company: For every company, time is money. And if there’s a way to save time so why not incorporate it? BI reporting tools take the load of extracting and presenting data from your managers. All you have to do is merge your account and the software will do the rest. You need not allot people from your team to work day and night on data collection and representation.

4) Analyzing the past and present data: When you have automated systems installed to fetch your data, you don’t need a long time to pull your previous records and compare them with the latest ones. Any company must have a look at what their data was in the previous month or quarter and then compare it with the latest figures. BI analytics tools help is faster data analysis so that the company knows where it stands and can plan its strategy accordingly.

5) Making intelligent decisions: There’s a reason why these tools are called ‘Intelligence Tools’ and that is because they retrieve accurate information, at the right time using the apt mode of presentation. Here’s why these tools are a savior for data managers since it fetches multiple data that is spread across various platforms within minutes. 

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Sreeram Sreenivasan is the Founder of Ubiq. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies in the areas of BI & software development.