Drag and drop interface makes it easy

Create dashboards & charts using drag & drop

No coding or SQL needed. Work with any kind of data (e.g user activity, sales, logistics, marketing, etc) in your database using drag & drop interface.

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Intuitive and interactive smart charts

Interactive charts & visualizations

Visualize data in different ways with 24 types of visualizations. Customize chart title, axes labels & formats.

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Dynamic filters help you filter data in real time

Powerful Dashboard Filters

Use sliders & drop downs to filter all charts on a dashboard, in realtime.

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Static filters help you precisely filter data before rendering charts

Easily refine your analysis

Powerful filtering functions to define data that goes into each analysis.Perform absolute or pattern matches, comparisons or apply date based filters such as number of years, quarters, months, etc to precisely target the data period you need to look at.

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Create charts with data that spans multiple tables

Analyze multiple tables at the same time

Analyze data that spans multiple tables. Ubiq has the ability to pull data from different tables into each view.

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Dashboard Themes

Style your dashboards with our palette of themes!

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Supports advanced analytics too

Advanced users can also use SQL to analyze data

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Powerful User & Access Management

You have complete control over who can access your dashboards with project specific permissions. Add team mates as creator or viewers for each project. Creators can create and modify charts & dashboards. Viewers can only view dashboards.

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Collaborate with your team

Export your dashboards & charts as PDF or Image (PNG). Also export chart data as CSV. Learn more

Multiple databases are supported. More to be added soon.

Multiple Data Sources

Ubiq currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQL Server databases. You can also connect your AWS, Azure, Redshift data sources. More to follow soon!

Secure connection & data transfer ensure safety & confidentiality

Secure to use

Securely setup ubiq for publicly accessible computers or cloud servers. If you set it up for intranet or private network, our unique architecture ensures the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

send email reports

Schedule Email Reports

Schedule automatic email report to receive daily/weekly reports.

Get Insights from your data

Business Intelligence, Dashboards or Analytics. Whatever you need, Ubiq can help

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