Top 5 Data Modeling Tools for SQL Server

SQL Server is one of the most popular database servers in the world, used by many businesses and database developers. Data modeling tools make it easy to design databases and support database administration, with the help of a graphical interface. In this article, we will look at the top 5 data modeling tools for SQL server.

Top 5 Data modeling tools for SQL Server

Here are the top 5 data modeling software that you can use to develop SQL Server databases.

1. Erwin Data Modeler

Erwin is one of the most popular data modelers for SQL Server that allows you to create data models visually. It also generates the SQL queries, required to actually create your data model, which you can run to build your model.

It provides tons of features for centralized model management and user collaboration, for both business and technical users.

Erwin can help you compare models & databases too. It also allows you to reverse engineer data definition code from database schemas.

It is a mature product suitable that supports enterprise data standards. Erwin also integrates with popular CRM & ERP solutions for data modeling.

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2. Toad Data Modeler

Toad is one of the best data modeling tools for SQL Server that allows you to efficiently build and manage databases using tons of automation, workflows and productivity tools.

It also helps you to track code changes, quickly access data and export them in multiple formats.

Toad even allows you to compare databases, schemas and servers and list differences. You can use it to rollback SQL transactions, execute scripts and T-SQL procedures, and automate regular database management tasks.

It even supports query tuning and performance improvement.

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3. SQL Database Modeler

SQL Database Modeler is a cloud-based data modeler and database administration tool that allows you to easily design databases using your web browser, without having to install or configure any database drivers or tools.

It allows you to easily import existing schemas and modify it visually. You can even import SQL script and automatically create database model from it. It automatically generates and updates SQL statements based on your changes.

It also supports Forward and Reverse Engineering, and offers many features for team management and collaboration.

SQL dbm also provides an in-built version control system that allows you to track each revision to your data model.

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4. DeZign

Dezign allows you to visually design data models and build databases. You can even make entity-relationship diagram (ERD) .

It is a mature tool for database developers, that supports a wide range of data modeling techniques.

It can even help you find faults in your database development, analyze, document and optimize existing databases.

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5. DbSchema

DbSchema is a powerful data modeler that supports most popular databases including SQL Server.

Like other tools in the list, it also allows you to visually design complex queries, auto-generate SQL queries, and execute with a few clicks. It is capable of handling more than 10,000 tables in a data model.

DbSchema allows you to manage multiple databases, save data models to a file, save data models as a GIT files, and even generate migration scripts.

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