5 Best Online Courses to Learn MySQL

MySQL is a relational database administration system based on SQL — Structured Query Language. The program is used for various reasons, including data warehousing, e-commerce, software development and logging applications.

However, the most popular use of MySQL is online database administration. It may be used to store anything from a single piece of data to a complete inventory of accessible items for an online business.

In conjunction with a programming language such as PHP or Perl (both available on our hosting accounts), developing websites that will interact in real-time with a free MySQL database administrator is feasible. This is done to show classified and searchable information to a website user quickly.

top online courses to learn MySQL
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MySQL like JavaScript, oracle etc. can be a bit technical, especially for those without a coding background, but here are the top 5 programs to help you on your journey:

The Complete MySQL Developer Course

With this course, you’ll gain experience using the SQL and MySQL data bank for web development. You will master the basics like building data banks and tables are covered first before moving on to more complicated subjects like numerous databases and complex joins in this course.

The Complete MySQL Developer Course also teaches you how to create a web application using MySQL and PHP. An excellent course for learning MySQL from the ground up, in my opinion. And just like any other subject, you can always check online information sources like Paperell where you can find simplified examples written by professional instructors. Such simple examples can help you complete your course and get your certificate to start using it professionally.

The Ultimate MYSQL Bootcamp: Go from Beginner to Expert

This excellent MySQL Bootcamp training will teach you all you need to know about SQL queries, MySQL, and data banks. The instructor is a Bootcamp instructor with a strong desire to educate.

The Ultimate MYSQL Bootcamp: Go from Beginner to Expert is free and extensive, with over 320 lectures, but don’t worry, it’s exciting. With this course’s free content, you will grasp all there is to know about it, from installation to establishing a database, tables, and then executing SQL to obtain that and asking complicated questions utilizing aggregate functions, string functions, and so on.

The course also includes a part devoted to covering challenging subjects like Joins, as well as hundreds of SQL query exercises that enable you to apply your knowledge and thoroughly learn the principles you’ve been taught.

MySQL, SQL and Stored Procedures from Beginner to Advanced

This training is a good blend of beginning and advanced subjects. Even if you’ve done some SQL before, you won’t become bored since the difficult concepts are explained in a way that’s easy to understand.

The course is also a lot of fun and interactive. The instructor does a fantastic job demonstrating and teaching subjects through live coding. A fantastic technique to educate is by constructing queries and then describing what they do. For the sake of comprehensiveness, the course’s curriculum includes topics such as database creation and maintenance as well as triggers, views, and stored procedures. Transactions, isolation levels, and database users and security are also covered.

SQL—MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

In contrast to most MySQL courses, SQL—MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence concentrates on Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, which is a highly significant area of knowledge.

This course teaches you how to utilize SQL to get answers to your queries and gain more insight. While working with complicated real-world database management systems, you will be taught about analysis tools and MySQL WorkBench. Also, you’ll be learning how to strengthen your query skills and build your business intuition while working with Big Data.

MySQL Fundamentals by Pinal Dave

This is one of Pluralsight’s most popular MySQL programs, taught by a well-known teacher named Pinal Dave, a prominent blogger who often writes on related topics.

This course covers the basics of the MySQL database, including how to set up the database and construct basic data retrieval and modification.

The course is beneficial since it teaches you how to use crucial MySQL assets such as the MySQL command-line tool and MySQL Workbench. It also covers the basics of relational database and database architecture. Overall, a good MySQL course. You may also get a free 200-minute sample of this course by joining up for a 10-day free trial.


So, there you have it: our picks for the top 5 MySQL courses, certifications, and tutorials to help you master MySQL faster and better. It contains paid and free resources to help you learn MySQL, with courses for beginners, intermediates, and specialists.

MySQL is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to your expertise because every single application has some things to it. By learning SQL, you will be able to proffer solutions to your related problems by yourself, rather than rely on DBA, support guys, and other individuals at work.


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