Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Which is the Best Live Chat Software for Your Business

zendesk vs freshdesk

Live chat software makes it easy to interact with website visitors and provide interactive customer support. Although there are plenty of helpdesk software available, Zendesk and Freshdesk are two of the best customer support software in the IT industry. Both platforms have fairly mature products and are popular in the IT industry. If you’re looking for detailed comparison of Zendesk vs Freshdesk, you have come to the right place.


Zendesk vs Freshdesk : A detailed comparison


Pricing Plans

Both customer support software offer monthly subscription plans with different tiers. Which tier you choose depends on the number of users and features you need. You’ll need to also pay extra for any integrations you require.

Overall, Freshdesk is a cheaper alternative to Zendesk. In fact, it even provides a completely free plan called ‘Sprout’ for a team of three. It provides basic helpdesk features such as email, phone & knowledge base.

If you’re an enterprise user, then Zendesk is your best bet. It simply offers superior features at the enterprise level, with advanced training, support & reviews.

Both helpdesk software provide 30-day free trial to let you evaluate their features.


Ticket Management

When you think about Zendesk vs Freshdesk, managing tickets is the main requirement of every customer support software. Although both Freshdesk & Zendesk provide robust ticket management capabilities, they manage and present tickets differently.

Freshdesk’s interface is built around tickets – they are displayed in a group inbox. Each agent can track the status of each ticket and who’s working on it. They can also add notes, get notifications, see ticket details, add custom labels and use canned responses. Freshdesk also provides an ‘Arcade’ – a gamified dashboard to motivate agents by giving them points & rewards for answering a certain number of tickets or achieving a threshold customer satisfaction.

Zendesk is designed around request channels – it handles the viewing and handling of tickets in a different way. It has a dispatcher that automatically assigns tickets among your support team, based on the parameters you set up. It also allows agents to work on multiple tickets at once. As you can see, it’s built for larger enterprise-like teams.


Customer Support Channels

While building a helpdesk software, it’s essential to offer multiple ways for the customers to contact you support team, and make each channel as easy as possible. Both Freshdesk & Zendesk fulfill this requirement quite well.

With Zendesk, your customers can contact you via emails, online knowledge base, social media, phone, embeddable web widgets, and live chat. Freshdesk also supports email, social media, self-service portals, and live chat.

Which channel is available to you, depends on the plan you choose.

Both platforms allow you to build a self-service portal within your website. Freshdesk portal is built on PHP and works like WordPress. It’s quite handy for updates and tweaks. It allows you to easily integrate your forums and knowledge bases using a single sign on (SSO). In fact, it can even analyze your knowledge base and offer potential solutions to customers, on its own.

Zendesk offers an excellent features for phone-based support. You can not only take calls on any mobile or desktop device you have but also transcribe calls, forward calls and manage open hours of your support desk. You can also integrate Zendesk with popular VoIP providers such as Awaya & Five9.

Both customer support platforms offer live chat as an add-on, which incurs an extra fee. While you can add the Zendesk live chat on any web page, the Freshdesk chat widget (Freshchat) can be offered from only within your support portal.


Analytics & Reporting

Both helpdesk software provide excellent analytics & reporting to help you improve customer support. For example, both software track useful metrics like peak complaint times, customer satisfaction ratings, common ticket types, and agent performance.

While Zendesk allows you to do customer segmentation and get an in-depth analysis of your customer support. It also provides a benchmarking tool that allows you to compare the performance of your team with industry and global standards.

Freshdesk, on the other hand, offers ability to import and store support data as CSV, for further analysis. It also allows you to get customer feedback on resolved tickets and integrate it with Freshdesk Arcade.



Both Zendesk and Freshdesk are rich customer support software and likely to cover most of your requirements. Now that you’ve seen detailed comparison of Zendesk vs Freshdesk, make sure that you clearly list your requirements and evaluate each helpdesk software to see which one meets your needs and fits your budget. If you’re a SMB then Freshdesk can be a great option. However, if you’re a large-scale enterprise, then Zendesk is worth looking into.



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