Top 5 Alternatives to Wrike Project Management Software

alternatives to wrike project management software

Wrike is a powerful project management software but it can expensive, at times. Here are the top 5 alternatives to Wrike project management software that you can try today.


Top 5 Alternatives to Wrike Project Management Software


Trello is a free, easy to use Kanban-based project management software that can be used for any kind of personal or professional projects.

It basically simplifies project management with intuitive interface and lean features.

If you don’t require the complicated task management and reporting of Wrike, then use Trello. On the other hand, Wrike offers a more complete project management solution.

It has a free plan which supports unlimited projects, with paid plans starting at $9.99/month that offer more features.

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Microsoft Project

On the other hand, if you actually need sophisticated project management tools, then Microsoft Projects is a great alternative to Wrike.

It is a comprehensive tool that offers everything that Wrike offers, and even more. However, since it has so many features, it is not easy to use and requires an experienced project manager to get started.

Wrike, on the other hand, is way more intuitive.

Microsoft Project is available as both cloud and on-premise solutions. The pricing for cloud version starts at $7/user/month and the on-premise version is available for $589.99

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Asana is one of the best alternatives to Wrike, in terms of features, ease of use and pricing.

It is one of the best project management software designed to fulfill all the requirements of project management, for businesses of all sizes & industry.

With strong task management and team collaboration capabilities, Asana makes it easy for you to add tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, monitor task progress and communicate with your team, all from a single dashboard.

It also provides many useful tools such as the ability to copy tasks & projects, search and filter tasks, allowing your team to be more productive.

Asana has a free plan for up to 15 users, and paid plans start at $11.99/user/month ($9.99/user/month when billed annually)

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Clarizen is another feature-rich alternative to Wrike. It is easy to use and fast to deploy.

It offers tons of useful features such as automatic prioritization of tasks, correlation of tasks, projects and conversations, which make your team more productive.

It also has a unified project dashboard that shows all the information you need about your projects, such as tasks, status, deadlines, assignees, workload, dependencies, and more, in one place.

Clarizen has been built to help you manage projects end-to-end. It’s pricing is not public and you need to request them for quote.

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JIRA┬áis one of the most popular agile project management tool tailor-made for software development projects. So if you’re looking for a project management software that has specific features for software and IT projects, then JIRA is a great option.

While Wrike is a general purpose PM tool, JIRA offers a well-designed agile-based interface that can tremendously speed up your IT and development projects.

For examples, JIRA can easily integrate with GitHub and BitBucket, and allow you to sync version changes with project tasks.

It also supports issue tracking and product roadmapping, something not offered by Wrike.

Pricing for JIRA starts at $10/month for 10 users, and $7/user/month thereafter.

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Wrike is a full-featured project management software. However, for some teams, it can be expensive. For some teams, you might be looking for an agile PM tool. For all these cases, there are plenty of alternatives to Wrike that you can try today.






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