How to Reduce the Cost of Running Your Website

Reduce cost of running website

Website development projects can often lead you down a rabbit hole. A webpage with some content, graphics, and button might seem like a simple thing to do. But you might be in for a rude shock when you get to know the cost of building a website or even revamping an existing site. Website projects can easily cost you over $50,000. Small business owners are always on the lookout to reduce the cost of running their website without sacrificing the quality of their offering or making it difficult for their existing employees.

Most small businesses have a specific budget and have to work on tight margins. All business owners will undoubtedly want a high-quality website development at a low cost. So, you might wonder how that is possible because you ultimately get what you pay for. Well, you are not wrong!

However, listed below are a few tips on what you can do to reduce the cost of running website without affecting its quality.

Make a plan and list down your website requirements

Make it a point to plan in advance and list down your website requirements and your expectations from your site. Here are a few things you must write down:

• Research and list down your target customers, and your key users
• Write down your objectives and key goals that you aim to achieve through the site
• Make a list of the core pages of your website
• Plan and list down the site structure and lay down short-term and long-term goals, complete with date
• Provide a high-level overview of all back-office programs that you require the website to integrate with

Planning ahead will give you the exact or approximate costs right from the beginning. It will help you make decisions in advance as you know very clearly what you expect from your website. Once you have listed your goals and objectives, there is less likelihood of any extra cost to be added.


Use free images or create your own pictures

Professional images cost money and that can be avoided if you use free stock photo sites such as Pexels, Death To Stock Photo, Free Digital photos, Negative Space or Pixabay. While you certainly will be able to save enough money by using free photos, you might find those images appearing on multiple sites.

Another option is to choose pictures from ‘Labeled for reuse with modification’ tab on Google images under Tools.

It is highly recommended that you create your own images and use them for the content on your website. You can also use multiple free images and combine them to make your own authentic photo. Apart from saving money, you also end up adding authenticity to your site.


Use a pre-made template to reduce the cost of running website

Using a pre-made or existing template is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of running a website. By doing so, you can help reduce the time a web designer might spend creating the website design, thereby reducing the project price to a great extent.

There are innumerable website templates available on the internet, and you can try any of them. If you are building your site on WordPress which is mostly the case, you can use templates from Elegant Themes,, Template Monster, Solo Stream, and Theme Forest. You can also find themes on specialized web hosting platforms, like for instance HubSpot COS Websites.


Minimize website pages

A web developer will tell you that creating each web page takes time, and time, as you know, is money. Whatever the page it is, you would still require to write the content for the page, and upload images.

Keep the number of web pages to a bare minimum to start with. Pages have to be created to include only important things. Think and take a call on whether or not you need pages like ‘About Us’, and ‘Contact us.’ You can also choose to combine one or more pages.


Do not lose your focus and stay within the range

When a website grows, it gets very exciting as the vision for the company’s future grows. It is easy at the time to mix multiple ideas and convince yourself that it is all required to move to the next phase of development.

Hold yourself back and stick to your short-term and long-term goals. Remain patient and slowly climb the ladder leading to the overall growth and development of your business. Websites require to be nurtured for a period of time, and new features can always be added at a later date.


Do some website work on your own

In order to fit a certain budget, you can choose to do a little of your website work on your own and not totally depend on a third party to develop your site. You can do that by finding and making your own images & graphics or writing your own content. There can be several ways you can contribute to the development of your website with your existing knowledge and expertise.


No need to complicate; keep it simple

You might have plenty of ideas, tools, and content that you would want to use it on your website to add value. Even though it might be good, it is likely to add to the overall cost of your website. What you really need to do is to focus on your core message and keep it simple. There is absolutely no need to complicate things. Think about the one action that you want your visitors to take and focus your site design only around that.



While there can be many other ways to reduce the cost of running your website, the seven tips mentioned here will certainly slash your website cost by half and help your business grow and prosper.

Good luck!


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