Microsoft Sharepoint Vs One Drive: Which is Right for Your Business?

microsoft sharepoint vs one drive

When it comes to running a business with a team of employees, sharing important files, backing up your files online to access them from anywhere is critical requirement. For this purpose, Microsoft Sharepoint and One Drive are two of the widely-used programs. Both these software come from Microsoft and are strikingly similar yet different from each other. Many people compare microsoft sharepoint vs one drive to figure out which is right for their business.

So, to clear out any confusions and misconceptions about these programs, continue reading this comprehensive guide which details the features offered by these two programs and microsoft sharepoint vs one drive comparison.

Before going into further details, be aware of the fact that OneDrive offers two versions – for personal requirements and Business purposes.

You can basically access OneDrive with your Microsoft account, if you’ve got one already. If you don’t have a microsoft account yet, you can simply get one through a simple registration process and eventually sign up for the
OneDrive account with that Microsoft account.

You can either choose free or paid packages according to your requirements to store photos, documents, videos, and many other files. Home Office 365 offers you personal OneDrive account and on the other hand, you can get OneDrive for Business if you’re using an Office 365 at your workplace.

Similarly, you can access SharePoint through the Office 365 Portal that you use at work. You can do this by selecting ‘Sites’ in your Office 365 launcher menu. Just like OneDrive, SharePoint also lets you store different types of files and you can also share and collaborate with your teammates as well. Both OneDrive and SharePoint possess sync options, where you can seamlessly sync and backup files from your computer to respective accounts.

Don’t you think that both these software basically are very similar and offer almost same features?! Well, there are a few differences between these two and the features they offer. Have a look at the microsoft sharepoint vs one drive comparison below to know about the major differences between OneDrive and SharePoint.



By now, you may have gotten a clear understanding that both OneDrive and SharePoint are very similar yet different from each other. If you’re still debating about microsoft sharepoint vs one drive, you can simply decide on one according to your primary requirements. If you want something reliable to store files and documents that you mainly access personally, OneDrive is the way to go. If you’re looking for something to store files and share them with your team members to collaborate, SharePoint could be the best bet.


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