How to Use Google Analytics URL Builder for Campaign Tracking

google analytics url builder

Google Analytics URL Builder is an amazing campaign tracking tool that allows you to track your Marketing Campaigns in Google Analytics using custom URLs.


What is Campaign Tracking?

Campaign Tracking allows you to add tracking code to your URL so that you can track the visits coming via that URL. If you’ve seen URLs ending with odd characters such as ‘#FDdcsd8hds’ or which contain strings such as ‘UTM=pilot_campaign’, then they contain tracking codes in them.

Once you generate a campaign tracking URL, you can use it to track referrals from various sources such as social networks like facebook, or emails, online ads and more.

All you need to do is add a tracking code at the end of your URL and know how to measure it in Google Analytics. That’s where Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder comes in.


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How to use Google Analytics URL Builder

Here’s how to use Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder, also known as Google URL Tracking Code Generator.

1. Enter the Website URL

In the Google Analytics URL Builder form, enter the URL of the website whose visitors you want to track. For example,

google analytics campaign url builder

2. Add the Campaign Parameters you want to track

There are 5 fields you can use according to your requirement, only 3 of them are compulsory.

  1. Campaign Source – Required parameter (e.g google, newsletter, etc) to identify the source of your referral traffic.  It will help you understand where the visitors came from.
  2. Campaign Medium  – Required parameter (e.g email, facebook, CPC, etc) to identify the medium where this links was used upon. If you’re going to share this URL on facebook, use ‘facebook’. If you’re going to add it to your Emails, then use “Email”.
  3. Campaign Name – Required parameter used to identify your marketing campaign, such as ‘April_Promo’, ‘Spring_sale’
  4. Campaign Term – Optional parameter for paid search to identify the keywords in your ads. You can skip this for Google Adwords. Instead you can link Google Analytics with Google Adwords and use Auto Tagging feature
  5. Campaign Content  – Optional parameter that can be used to pass additional content for things like A/B Testing and content-based ads.


3. Copy the Campaign Tracking URL

As you fill the form, Google Analytics URL Builder will automatically generate the URL below the form. You’ll also see a link to Copy URL. Click on it to Copy your generated Campaign Tracking URL.


4. Shorten the Campaign Tracking URL

As you can see the generated campaign tracking URL is quite long and difficult to share. Google Link Builder also provides a URL shortener to shorten the generated URL. Just click Convert URL to Short link.


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How to View Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics

How do you view the results of your Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics ? To do that, log in to Google Analytics, open the Acquisition menu on the left and click on All Campaigns under Campaigns sub-menu

analytics custom campaign report

You’ll see a list of all your campaigns that you have tagged with Campaign source (utm_source) parameter, and your campaign will be displayed here if it has received at least 1 click.

google analytics custom campaign overview

You can click on a campaign to see additional information such as campaign medium and other parameters that you had added to your URL in the Google URL Generator

google analytics custom campaign source medium details

Campaign Tracking is a great way to clearly understand the source and medium of your Campaign’s referral traffic. Today, with so many different sources and mediums available to share links, it can be really difficult to keep track of how your link is being shared and from where your visitors are coming to your website. Google URL Creator help you solve this problem.

Google Analytics also allows you combine this information with user demographic dimensions such as location, gender, age, device, browser and more to get tons of useful insights about your site visitors.


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How do you use Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder to track visitors ? Tell us how you track Campaigns in Google Analytics.


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