How to Improve Landing Page Conversion for Your Small Business

improve landing page conversion

There’s no point of attracting visitors to your website, if you can’t convert them into paying customers. Across numerous industries and even between its various competitors, conversion rates differ. While it may be impossible to get into the reasons behind why each specific person did not respond well to your landing page, but it is always possible to deduce user behaviour trends, and figure out what your website visitors respond to. For this, you need to regularly monitor and improve landing page conversions, there is absolutely no way around it. The good news is that there are a number of tips & tricks that one can use in order to improve landing page conversion. Keeping in mind your customer base and target audience, here are a number of tips you can consider to do the same


First Impressions Matter

You only have few seconds to capture the attention of the customers. So create your websites’ visuals that is appealing to your target audience. You’ll help your case by adding visual aids like:
Catchy headlines; just say it simply and directly
– Add a quick video to charm to your customers
– Recommend products related to the interests of each particular buyer
– Use expressive language and phrases, e.g., ‘Save $100 today!’, ‘The discount you’ve all been waiting for’.
– Use appealing images that aptly depict your product or service


Clarity and Transparency

The landing page must clearly articulate what service or product you are offering to the customer. You can acccomplish this through compelling copywriting. You can also build business credibility by writing relevant blogs, adding a ‘live chat’ widget like Olark, Zendesk, or Freshdesk on the website, and even by answering ‘frequently asked questions’ on the website.


Simplicity of User Actions

Your website design should be such that users can achieve the desired result (such as sign up, login, purchase, etc) with the minimum number of clicks. A lengthy, complicated process will only discourage your website visitors.


Minimum Page Load Duration

You have to optimize your website in way that cuts the page load time for the websites. It is already established that the customers’ attention span has to be gripped in few seconds. If your website is taking a long time to load then
he/she will be dissuaded from continuing. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to quickly identify areas of improvement on your website.


Limited Form Length

Don’t beat around the bush. Ask only what is necessary and pertinent for the transaction. For example, don’t ask for users’ address during sign up. An email & password are enough. You can always request more information later. Furthermore, use auto-fill functions and multiple choice options to ease the process for your customer.


Prove the Trustworthiness of your Brand

You’ll most likely improve landing page conversion rates if your brand is established and recognized by people. You can do so by:
– Maintaining an active social presence on the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest etc.
– Use positive customer testimonials
– Add an airtight and brief privacy statement for the customers to read


Various Secure Payment Options

Include a number of payment options for the customers to choose from like, direct debit/credit transactions, PayPal, Visa, Master Card. Also add ‘secured by’ logos of your SSL provider such as Verizon, Norton to show that your data is encrypted and secure.


Respond to Reviews and Inquiries

By answering promptly to the online reviews & inquiries you’ll retain the interest of your perspective buyer. This method should not only be adapted for the queries received on the website, but also on the social media accounts that your business manages.


These quick measures to improve landing page conversion will provide a way for you to convince and convert your target audience. The key is to look at your website from the perspective of your potential buyer and based on your learnings, turn your website into a lead generation machine.


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