How to Generate Leads from Facebook Groups?

how to generate leads from facebook groups

Are you looking for leads for your business? You can use Facebook to achieve this. This popular social media site is more than a place for you to engage with customers, fans and prospects. You can generate many leads and increase your sales using Facebook groups. The secret is to know how to generate leads from Facebook groups. While there are some business owners, and network marketers who believe that posting in these groups is a waste of time, there are many out there who are posting and succeeding in generating leads.


Ways to Generate Leads from Facebook Groups

Here is a look at how to generate leads from Facebook groups for your business.


Share Content Links on All Relevant Groups

Before anything else, there is one important question to ask yourself: Are you at least reaching your target audience on Facebook to convert them into leads?

You can easily remedy this by taking the same content on your website used to generate leads and share links to that content on relevant Facebook Groups. Join groups that are relevant to your products & services, industry and consist of potential customers.


Include CTA Text and Buttons

Although you are no longer allowed to add CTA (call-to-action) buttons on Facebook to the sidebar of the main profile on your Page, you can still use iFrames to add custom tabs with CTAs within them.

Point these CTAs to your landing pages for offers, like downloadable content, etc., to start generating leads.


Add the Like and Share Buttons to Content

Apart from sharing links to your content on your Facebook Page’s wall, it is also important to make it easy for consumers of your content to do the same and share those links on their walls and with their networks of friends.

You should make sure that you add the Facebook Like plugin as well as the button to ‘share on Facebook’ to every content piece that you produce. This will go a long way in giving it an extra boost of reach.


Make Lead Conversion Easy

One of the problems with the steps mentioned above is that a Facebook user will ultimately need to leave the social media site and complete a conversion form on your business’ website to become a lead.

To avoid this, you need to eliminate that middle step and offer opportunities for conversion from within Facebook without making your fans leave. This will likely increase your chances for conversion.

But how do you do that? The HubSpot Welcome application for Facebook is a great solution for customers. With the app, you can convert your Page’s new Likes easily into leads as the app presents a conversion form for an offer to new visitors immediately after they click the “Like” button.


As you can see, you do not have to wonder how to generate leads from Facebook groups any longer. Following the simple steps mentioned above can help you achieve your lead-generation goals from the social media website. Get traffic to the content, videos and capture pages on your website with these simple tips for generating leads from Facebook groups.


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