How To Close More Deals With Video Content

video content for lead generation

Video is one of the most effective ways to drive sales & marketing. According to Email Monks, emails with videos drive a staggering 280% higher return than the ones without.


The easiest way to use videos is to create how-to videos that help solve problems of your target audience and teach them how to be better at what they do. You can also create explainer videos that explain how your product or service adds value to your prospects’ business and helps improve people’s lives.


In fact, according to a report by the Aberdeen Group, majority of organizations use videos to create brand awareness (67%), drive conversions (60%) and nurture leads (53%)


Videos provide an amazing opportunity to add a human face to your sales pitch and clearly educate people about what your product or service does.


Once you get someone interested, use videos to move them along your sales pipeline. Have you secured a meeting or demo at the prospect’s company? That’s awesome. Create short, personalized videos that help them imagine using your product or service.


Whether you’re meeting in-person or via video conferencing, record your meeting and send them a copy afterwards, so they can share it with others (e.g higher ups) in their organization. This allows them to quickly cut to the chase, without having to sit through the entire meeting.


Use videos at every stage of your sales process, till you seal the deal. When you communicate with videos, it not only helps your prospects better understand what you’re saying but also tells them that you care about the business relationship, enough to put in the extra effort of creating a video.


Here are 3 ways you can use videos to close more deals.


1. Use targeted customer testimonials

Typically, businesses show customer testimonial videos on their company website to gain trust, build credibility, and generate leads. But, did you know that you can also use them to close sales deals? I’m not talking about simply sending a link to your testimonial.


During any sales process, prospects are basically trying to find out if your business can solve their pain points. Targeted customer testimonials allow you to dispel any doubt they have about using your product or service.


Create a new cut of your testimonial video to create a targeted testimonial for your prospect, one that focuses on a specific point.


This is where you can use all the information you’ve gathered so far in the sales cycle. Go through your emails and reflect upon your past sales meetings. Did they show an interest in your cloud storage? Send them a 30-second clip of your cloud capabilities. Were they concerned about the ROI? Send them a video of a happy customer talking about how your business grew their ROI.


Over time, you’ll end up with a comprehensive library of short clips and videos that you can use to answer any potential queries about your business.


Moreover, you can even use them in your drip marketing campaigns as well as cold emails.


2. Send follow up emails that stand apart

Everyone sends a follow-up email after a meeting or presentation. How do you make yours stand apart from the crowd? By sending a video thank-you email.


Use your phone or laptop camera to record a short 30-second video that quickly summarizes the key points of your meeting and explains why your product is a great fit.


Use this opportunity to crack a quick joke, or reference something funny that happened during your meeting (such as accidentally clicking a cat video on your desktop). Then get to the heart of your message – tell them your understanding of their problem and how your business can help solve it for them, while thanking them profusely for the opportunity.


You can even go a step further and use Powerpoint to create a short video presentation that recaps the key points covered in your meeting and lists out the next steps. Such formal follow-ups are useful if you have only met a junior team member who doesn’t have the authority to make decisions. He can send it to his boss to speed up the approval.


3. Create FAQ videos

Your potential clients are wondering if they can trust your business to support them when they face any problems, or issues. Prove to them that your customer support team is knowledgeable and always available, by creating FAQ videos featuring your support agents.


If you create a set of videos that answer the common concerns of your clients, you can use even use them in your follow-up emails to those leads who may have gone silent.


When you send these videos during the final stages of your sales cycle, you can also add a simple message saying :


I hope we answered your questions in our last meeting. In case we haven’t, here’s a more detailed step-by-step walkthrough from Dave, our customer support executive. You can reach him at…


It will help you do 3 things:

  1. Convince your prospect that you know their key concerns, and are capable of addressing them
  2. Introduce them to your customer support team, that they can confidently reach out to, in case they need assistance.
  3. Clarify what your product or service does, how it solves their problem.



Today, video accounts for more than 74% of online traffic. It has clearly become one of the most preferred modes of communication. It’s easier than ever to create & share short videos with your prospects & customers. Use it to your advantage, make a greater impact on your prospects & close more deals.


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