How to Choose a Project Management Software for Your Business

How to choose a project management software

You might have the best project manager with exceptional organizational skills, but he or she can never replace project management (PM) software. This software can be used for a whole lot of tasks when your project is extremely complex. The tasks include storage and retrieval of critical information apart from analyzing and later updating that information. It also includes preparing presentations and reports that best describe the details and results of the analyses. Now, if you are wondering how to choose a project management software that suits your business needs, find it out right here.

Listed below are 5 techniques of how to choose a project management software for your growing business.

Question Yourself and Find Answers

What is it that you aim to attain after setting up a project management software? Articulate your problem by asking questions to yourself and seeking its answers. Some of the questions to which you need to seek answers include:

• Why do I need to see what is going on?
• Why are the employees not filling in the data? Will a project management software resolve this problem?
• What kind of software will suit my business?
• How much can I afford to spend on the software (budget)?
• Will we require mobile access?
• How big are the projects that we will be working on?
• How many employees will be working on the same project at the same time?

It is better for small businesses to choose web-based PM software which is much cheaper and less complex to launch as compared to enterprise project management solutions. It is always possible to move on to on-site enterprise solutions at any time since it offers more security and customizations.

You need to be very sure of your business requirements and the role that a PM solution will play. That is the best way of how to choose a project management software that will work for you and your business.


Email Integration

Email integration mostly includes tracking email and history, innumerable templates for quick communication, and automatic email reminders.

This feature allows users to work on one platform as they will not require to navigate between two different platforms while they are working on a project.

Many platforms today can integrate email addresses with that of the social media profiles linked to that specific email, thereby increasing the communication channels.


File Sharing and Issue Tracking

One of the many criteria of how to choose a project management software is to check if there are file sharing and issue tracking feature. A centralized location is created for all project documents in file sharing. Notifications are sent out as and when any modification occurs. File sharing, whether hosted in the cloud or on local servers must ensure security and easy to navigate interface.

Issue tracking enables tracking of issues in real-time. There are notifications that are created for systems affected, documentation and reporting, and status updates.

Issue tracking enables real-time issues to be tracked. Notifications for systems affected, documentation, status updates, and reporting are also created. It monitors different types of problems, enabling people to report issues that require attention.

Vendor and Solutions

A vendor’s knowledge and experience are very critical when it comes to choosing the right PM solution for your business. Even though there are several PM offerings out there, not all are built by companies familiar with project management solutions.

A PM vendor might offer a lot of unique features. But it does not make much sense if you are not going to need them. See if it meets all your business requirements. Ask for a few days or a month-long free trial before you eventually buy the solution. The vendor will be ready to offer a free trial if he is confident of his product.

Cost vs. features should be factored into any decisions. As mentioned earlier determine which features are needed today and tomorrow, which are nice to have, and which are likely to go unused. Use this to decide what to pay for.

You must make sure that you have everything in writing. Even if you trust the vendor, it is essential that both parties are clear about everything in order to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Technology and Business Model

Technology and your business model must be considered while thinking about whether or not a PM tool will fit within the company’s current and future plans.

How the company and its employees communicate and collaborate daily must be considered in order to make sure the selected PM tool is well received. Likewise, it is necessary to assess and evaluate the complexity of the PM solution. Check if it is too difficult to navigate and collaborate, or there is training required to handle the software.



The five techniques of how to choose a project management software listed above will most certainly help you make the right decision for your business.

Good luck!


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