4 Key Metrics to Improve Sales Pipeline Velocity

How quickly do leads move through your sales pipeline? Every sales manager knows that the longer a lead stays in your pipeline, the less likely it will close. Knowing the total value of your sales pipeline is not enough. You need to also know how quickly they’ll move through each stage of the pipeline and turn […]

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7 Practical Tips to Design Business Dashboards

design business dashboard

Business Dashboards are a great way to monitor your business and grow it faster. A dashboard provides at-a-glance view of all the key aspects of your business, in one place. If designed properly, dashboards can provide amazing insights. Else they can confuse and misguide you. Here are 7 steps you can use to design business dashboards for your business. […]

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How to choose the right Dashboard Software

key performance indicators to boost conversion rate

Dashboards are a great way to keep track of your business. However, if you’re not using a good dashboard software, you won’t be able to build insightful dashboards for your business. Here’s a list of features you can look for in a dashboard software while selecting one for your business. 1. Supported data sources Wouldn’t it be […]

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How to design Business Dashboards that Speak to your audience

data visualization tips

Dashboards have become an indispensable tool for every organization. They provide at-a-glance view of your business by gathering information from various parts of your organization. However, if not designed properly, dashboards can misinform and misguide users, instead of helping them. Here are 3 ways to build dashboards that transform information into insights and deliver it to your […]

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