Best Payment Gateway Services for Small Businesses & Startups

best payment gateway for small business

One of the questions that often puzzle small business owners and startups is how to accept payment from your customers. There is no one sure-shot way of ascertaining the best payment gateway for small business as there are various features that you have to keep in mind – like where your customer is based, your long term business goals, and also what is most convenient for your customer. To help you ease this perplexing journey of selecting the perfect payment gateway for you, here are the top payment service providers that you should consider before
narrowing it down to one:

Amazon Pay

Amazon is a brand is trusted by millions of people all over the world. Naturally, this can be your ideal payment gateway partner if your clientele is based in a number of countries around the globe.

On top of that, it is quite simple to integrate Amazon Pay into your website and it also ease the process for your customers by cutting down the lengthy checkout process.


One of the best features that works in PayPal’s favor is the credit card security that this payment gateway provides: once your customers log in with your credit card information, they never have to reveal their information online. This builds a trust factor among your potential customers.

Not only that, they can link multiple bank accounts to their PayPal account so that their account never runs short of the credit, making it one of the most successful and best payment gateway for small business all over the world.

Above all, PayPal gives the freedom to your customers of using its features simply by downloading an app on their iPhones through which they can transfer money, receive money, check out their past transactions, and even pay their bills.


2Checkout is a great payment gateway for small businesses and startups because its’ gateway is customizable to your local needs. You can customize this gateway to accept payments in the currency of your potential customers and it also gives the freedom of changing the language of the gateway as per your customers. It will also allow your customers to be billed automatically at regular intervals in case of subscription or membership based services.


The reason why Dwolla can be the best payment gateway for small business is because it helps in avoiding the interchange fees that is imposed on your customers by credit card companies.

On top of it, this payment gateway offers instant online transfer, which cuts down the hassle even more. In case you were wondering about the security features of Dwolla, then you can put those worries to rest as they do rigorous monitoring and refining.


WePay is designed to provide your customers with hassle-free payment experience. It provides risk-free services by affiliating closely with platforms.

WePay provides a number of functionalities for you to customize according to the needs of your customers like avoiding third party reroutes, cutting down lengthy merchant issues, and meanwhile providing a safe payment security and guaranteeing fraud protection, bringing in the trust factor among your customers that will surely work for your betterment. is a payment gateway that specifically caters to medium-sized businesses. It packs a highly powerful fraud-detection functionality for the benefit of its users. also provides good customer service by including toll-free phone support, online chat, and e-mail grievance solutions.

In the end, the payment gateways are for the comfort of your customers and online shoppers. It’s essential to focus on the needs and comfort of your potential customer while choosing a payment gateway service for your business.


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