How to Advertise Your Small Business On Google And Nail It

Advertise small business on Google

While all businesses want to acquire more customers, it is the small businesses that have to make an extra effort to get noticed and win the confidence of their target consumers. While there are several ways to market products or services, search engines (Google to be specific) are the easiest way to reach out to customers today. It is hence very important to advertise small business on Google.

When a buyer types a specific phrase or term on Google search bar, the search engine pulls up all the relevant ads based on the keywords that are used in the search. All the businesses websites that want their ads to show up on the result page have to place a bid on keywords that they think will show up when customers search for their kind of business. For example, an electrician located in New York City might bid on the keywords ‘electrician New York’ or ‘electrician.’

Considering how much you bid in comparison to other similar businesses in the area, your ad might show up on the search results page when customers search using the keywords that you have bid on. Apart from how much you have bid, Google also considers the quality and relevance of your website and ad.

Listed below are three very reliable and productive way to advertise your small business on Google.

Use ‘Google My Business’

Google My Business is the most reliable service, and totally free! Using this platform, it is super easy to start advertising on Google. Moreover, it instantly improves the way your business performs throughout Google search network.

Google My Business allows you to update your contact details, business location, social media links, and even operation hours. You can also add pictures and logo to it. You can set up an account on Google My Business in just a few minutes.

You are all ready to go with this amazing tool, which is an excellent platform to advertise small business on Google. However, the task now is to master the art of advertising on Google and grow your business.

Study and understand Google’s AdWords platform

Google AdWords connects businesses with the right consumer and you pay only when a connection is made. The three reasons why business owners prefer and go to Google AdWords is:

1. The platform offers a chance to customize your advertising messages so as to target specific audiences.

2. You are connected with your target audience the very moment that they search for a product or service similar to yours.

3. AdWords is designed around a cost-per-click model so that you are allowed to preset your desired budget. You need to pay only when a prospect calls your business or clicks to visit your website.

AdWords Express, the small business shortcut

The AdWords platform by Google is meant for both big and small businesses. In order to cater to big companies, the AdWords platform offers AdWords Express which is simpler, and user-friendly. It is an excellent platform to advertise small business on Google.

While managing an AdWords account takes approximately one hour a week, with AdWords Express, you can get work done in only 15 minutes per week with a very less learning curve. Further, you do not even require a website for your business as AdWords Express can direct clicks to your Google My Business page.

This is a great way to advertise on Google, especially if you have a long list of ‘to-do’ things and have no plans to seek outside assistance to help you with your advertising efforts.

However, AdWords Express has its own set of limitations, and that includes:

1. The YouTube advertising options, in-app and Display are available only in the full AdWords platform.

2. There is a possibility for a higher cost per click.

3. AdWords Express is not an option if your business expands. You will then have to rely on Google Advertising.

How to Effectively Advertise on Google Adwords?

Here are 7 ways to make your Google Ads most effective

  1. Use your target keywords in your Ad – If you are bidding for a specific keyword or search phrase, make sure that you include it in your ad so Google knows that your ad is relevant to the search.
  2. Use local identifiers – If you run a local business such as a beauty parlor in manhattan, then you should also include its location in your ad copy so that people search for something ‘beauty parlors in manhattan’ your ad will be more likely to show up.
  3. Mention who you are and what you offer – State what your business does and how it can help the user. If your business offers multiple products, mention the one most relevant to the target keyword.
  4. Mention why they should choose your business – There are plenty of search results for a given keyword and plenty of businesses competing for its ads. So tell them why they should choose your business. Are you more reliable? More affordable? Mention it in your ads.
  5. Have a clear call to action – What should the user do once he/she sees your google ad? Should they visit your website, give your a call, request a free quote? Clearly mention a call-to-action so users are more likely click your ad.
  6. Include a promotion – Everyone loves a good offer. Include an offer such as “20% discount” or “free shipping” to entice your target audience. Even a small discount can help your ad stand apart and drive more clicks.
  7. Add a sense of urgency – Make sure that your add copy and promotional offers are time-bound so that your users click your ads immediately. For example, “20% off on shoes today!” is more effective than simply “20% of shoes”
  8. Leverage ad extensions – Google ad extensions is a nifty little feature that allows you to display additional information about your business such as address, phone, or store rating. It not only adds more credibility to your business but also allows your ad to occupy more screen space, and thereby get more attention.




Listed above are three reliable techniques to advertise your small business on Google. If in case you require more help with Google advertising, take a look at Adzooma. Apart from an easy and intuitive Google ad builder, it also offers a simple performance report dashboard and insights that you can use to improve your ads.


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