7 Facebook Video Tips to Increase Views & Traffic

facebook video tips

Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook everyday.


When so many videos are uploaded every minute, how do you ensure your videos stand out?


Here are 7 ways you can drive more views and increase engagement for your Facebook videos.


7 Facebook Video Tips to Increase Views & Traffic


1. Create videos based on top performing blog posts

Every blog post tells a story. Pick the best performing articles on your blog and create videos out of them. There are 2 types of blog posts you can utilize to create videos:

  1. Posts that attract most visitors
  2. Posts that get most engagement


How to find the posts that drove most visitors?

Go to Google Analytics account for your Blog. By default, you’ll see the Audience Overview page. To see the content stats, go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages in the menu on the left sidebar.


You’ll see a table that lists the top pages on your blog with additional info such as pageviews, avg. time on page, and more.


This will tell you which posts got most visitors – via search, social media or other sources. You can even add a secondary dimension for ‘Sources’ to break out the number of pageviews for each page, due to each traffic source.


How to find the posts that got most engagement?

Facebook Insights is a very useful analytics tool that makes it easy to quickly find out the top performing posts on your Facebook Pages. Click on ‘Insights’ tab on top of your Facebook page, and go to the ‘Posts’ section on the left hand side.


You’ll see the number of clicks as well engagement (likes, shares & comments) metrics for all your posts.


Pick the posts that drove most engagement & clicks and use their content to create engaging videos for your audience.


2. The Three second rule

According to Facebook, if a person watches a video for 3 seconds then it’s a signal that he/she has shown an intent to view the video, and they’re not just scrolling through.


In fact, it found that 47% of the value was delivered in the first 3 seconds of a video campaign.


So the key is to capture your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds of your video, even without any sound.


Here’s a great example of a Buzzfeed video that has gathered 28 million views.




Here’s how they do it:

  1. They use thumbnails that give a sneak peek of what’s inside your video. Buzzfeed uploads custom thumbnails for its videos that grab people’s attention as they scroll through their feed.
  2. They get to the point right from the very first frame of their video.


When you upload a video, you can choose a thumbnail (from one of the options provided by facebook) or add a custom thumbnail image for your video.


If you haven’t added custom thumbnails for your existing videos, you can click ‘Edit Post’ from the menu for the post and you’ll see a similar popup.


3. Focus on one point

If you want to create a memorable video that people share and engage with, keep it focused on one key point that is easy to understand.


Can you explain what your video is about is just one sentence?


If people can quickly understand your videos, they’ll be more likely to share it as they can easily explain what’s great about them.


When you write a script for your video, try looking at it from your audience’s perspective – why they might share your video.


According Jonathan Perelman, former VP of Motion Pictures at BuzzFeed, people share videos:

  1. To be social
  2. To express they are feeling about themselves, or a particular topic
  3. To show off or brag
  4. Because they’ve found something great and want to be the first to share it
  5. To make your friends laugh


Does your video help audience do any of the above?


4. Give a preview of your video in your copy


Watching a video is a commitment of time. Provide a little information about your video telling them why it’s worth their time to watch it.


Here are 6 ways to create an engaging copy for your Facebook video:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Pull out a quote from the video
  3. Use a list
  4. Include a few emojis. Did you know that, on an average, 60 million emojis are sent on Facebook everyday?
  5. Use long-form copy to tell engaging stories. Facebook will show up to 400 characters for your post.
  6. Encourage your audience to share their stories as comments.


5. Choose the right target audience

If you want your videos to rank well on users’ News Feeds, they need to be relevant to your target audience.


According to TechCrunch, when ranking posts on a user’s news feed, Facebook algorithm assigns a relevancy score for each video and shows the most relevant stories on top. In fact, this score is highly personalized and is different for each user.


Luckily, Facebook allows you to define your target audience, when publishing a video.


Once you upload a video to Facebook, before publishing it, you’ll see an option to choose the preferred audience in the lower left corner.


When you click it, you’ll see a popup with the following targeting options:


  • Preferred Audience – Here you can choose who you want to reach, based on their interests. For example, if you’re a shoe retailer, you can choose interests like ‘running’ or ‘jogging’ to display videos about new running shoes.
  • Audience Restrictions – This option allows to you limit the target audience for your videos. For example, if you’re a local pub in the Bay area, you can set a restriction such that only 20-35 year old people in San Francisco will see your video.



6. Tag other pages

Another easy way to increase the reach of your Facebook videos is to simply tag other pages that are relevant to your videos.


To tag a page or person on Facebook, type their title or name after the ‘@’ symbol, in your post description, and you’ll see a list of suggestions that you can choose from.


Here are some examples of who you can tag in your videos:

  1. People who actually contributed to your video – “Interview featuring @NeilPatel”
  2. People and brands who are mentioned in your video – “Check out @GaryVaynerchuk top tips to grow traffic”
  3. People and Brands who might benefit from your video. For example, if you’re a Tie retailer like Ties.com, you can tag suit makers like Burlington that can complement your products. It can also lead to effective cross promotional campaigns.


7. Upload videos directly to facebook

According to a study by Search Engine Journal, videos uploaded natively to Facebook tend to perform much better than 3rd party videos. In fact, they get 2.04 times more reach, 2.38 times mores likes and 2.67 times more shares.


Native videos are those videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook, instead of those that have been uploaded on other sites like YouTube & DailyMotion and shared as links.


So, upload your videos directly to Facebook, instead of sharing their YouTube links. Also, ensure that your videos adhere to Facebook’s specifications, so that they’re optimized for the social media platform.


Bonus Tip

Adding a Call-to-action (CTA) can persuade your users to engage with your content, visit your website and even turn into customers. However, since Facebook has removed the ability to embed call-to-action buttons/links in your videos, you need to be a little creative with your approach.


Here are 3 ways you can add CTA to your Facebook videos:


  • In your post’s copy – You can also include a link to your blog or website inviting your audience to get more information by clicking the link. You can even simply ask your viewers to share the video to help spread the word.


  1. Use text overlays or static image – Text overlays & static images provide a great way to focus viewer’s attention to your call-to-action. You can display text overlays(e.g Get more Facebook Marketing tips at postplanner.com) during the video or even at the end. In the latter case, ensure that you run your video for a few seconds even after its actual content is played.

    For example, Gary Vaynerchuk always displays a CTA image in the middle or end of his videos.


Of course, if you’re boosting your Facebook video then you can add a CTA to your post itself.


Wrapping it up

The key to create a compelling video is to keep it focused on one thing, and highlight that one thing through the most prominent aspects of your Facebook video – provide a catchy title, add a CTA in your post description and use an attractive thumbnail. And ensure that they’re all actually relevant to what’s inside your video.


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