5 Ways Startups can Grow Business with Web Notifications

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Web Push Notifications provide an amazing way to engage and retarget website visitors. They provide real-time updates, and provide multi-channel touch points that allow you to reach your target audience, no matter which channel they’re on. In fact, they also provide useful customization features that allow you to display highly relevant notifications to visitors, based on specific triggers, and thereby improve conversion rates on your website.


What are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications are popup-like message notification that appear when you visit a website using your Desktop, or any Android Mobile device. Once enabled, these notifications can appear even when you’re not using the app or website. Web Push notifications are primarily used by websites & apps to push offer messages and content to visitors, based on their interests or on-site behavior.


Here are 5 Ways startups can use web push notifications to grow their business.


1. Re-Targeting

You can use web push notifications to effectively re-target website visitors, and persuade them to re-visit your site. For example, e-commerce startups can send attractive offers and discounts for the products that the visitors have just browsed on their site. Similarly, SaaS startups can use web notifications to remind users that their trial is about to end, and offer special discounts that encourage them to upgrade immediately. For example, you can send notifications like “Your trial is about to expire in 3 days. Upgrade today to get 15% discount” to encourage users to upgrade.


2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an amazing way to attract, inform and engage target customers. Startups can send notifications about relevant case studies & white papers which, in turn, will boost their credibility and brand image. They can also send messages every time they post a new blog post, or other content pieces such as infographics. Based on the article that a visitor is reading, startups can also send notifications that suggest related content from their blog. For example, you can send notifications like “Dell got 3x CTR with this simple trick! Find out how they did it”


3. Product Updates

Web push notifications are a great way to inform users about the latest product updates and features released by your startup. It keeps them informed of your progress and lets them know that your startup is actively working on improving your product. Notifications like “Try out our new feature to easily export reports with just one click.” let users know about the new feature and entice them to explore it further.


4. Customer Feedback

Startups can also use web notifications to get customer feedback. Although web notifications don’t support form elements at the moment, you can simply include a link to your customer feedback form in the notification messages. Depending on which page a visitor is browsing, or which feature a customer is using currently, you can customize your notification message, to direct users to the appropriate feedback form. In fact, you can also use this trick to direct users to online surveys & polls about your business.


5. Events & Announcements

Web notifications are also suitable to inform users about various events & announcements about your startup. For example, you can notify users about your latest funding round, a new partnership, or even a new enterprise customer that you just acquired. You can also let them know about any upcoming conferences that may be relevant to them, or an expo where your startup may be setting up a booth. You can even send notifications about upcoming webinars or podcasts, based on their interests.



Web push notifications provide many useful ways for startups to grow their business. You can use them to not only engage users but also generate warm leads. You can also personalize messages by segmenting users and sending highly targeted updates. In fact, you can even trigger notifications based on user behavior on your site. Web notifications make it a lot easier to effectively engage website visitors & improve conversion rates, as well as communicate with your existing customers & improve your retention rate.


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