5 Great Ecommerce Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

ecommerce marketing ideas to grow business

Marketing without strategy is like walking in the dark. Your chances of succeeding without strategy reduces exponentially if your marketing team has no agenda or vision behind it. Coming up with a solid plan, aided by brilliant content and customer base knowledge, will help you reach your full potential. There are a number of ecommerce marketing ideas that you can venture into to aid your sales. If however you do it wrong, it’ll be nothing more than flushing money down the drain.

Here are five ideas that you can incorporate in your marketing strategy to boost sales and business growth:


Go Mobile Friendly

It’s undeniable that internet is changing constantly. Just as the internet is changing, so is the method of consuming content, that you post online.

So you and your business need to adapt to these behavioral changes by making your website mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website will improve user experience and thereby grow your sales. If your consumers can’t browse and read your content easily, they are likely to leave immediately.


Get Customer Reviews to Build Trust

Each review that your existing customer posts online acts as a free advertisement for your business. It increases the awareness of your potential customers about the goods and services you offer.

Customer reviews provide mass exposure that you otherwise may not have been able to afford on your tight budget.

Even if you get negative reviews, it gives you a chance to engage with your customers and learn from those experiences. It will make your business more approachable. Based on these customer reviews, you can refine your marketing strategy of the future.


Provide Awesome Customer Support

One of the best ecommerce marketing ideas that you should invest in building a great customer support team. Your customers will most likely return if they had a positive experience with your customer service team earlier. This will translate into higher profits and improved customer loyalty towards your business.

Your customers are more likely to visit you again if they believe that you understand the value of customer support. This would also be a direct reflection of your fervor towards success and brand management.


Offer Free Shipping

Let’s call a spade a spade. People don’t like to pay for shipping. It has become a competitive necessity for ecommerce businesses because of the ever increasing competition in the online market space.

Accepting the fact that running a lucrative ecommerce business is hard as it is and offering free shipping might plummet your profit margins initially. But free shipping will immediately result in higher sales in future.

If your sales increase, then you can cut down the shipping costs by managing sales expense. This is one of the ecommerce marketing ideas that have helped numerous businesses in making their mark online.


Add Live Chat

You can humanize your customers experience by adding the live chat feature (using tools like Olark, ZenDesk, and FreshDesk) on your website. It:

– Reduces expenses for you, as it is cheaper than the traditional phone support. Your agent or team member can successfully multi task while engaging with your customers.

– Boosts Sales by helping your customers make a transaction such as purchase, log in, or sign up.

– Improves customer service and loyalty by understanding your customers’ needs and queries as they are present on the website.

– Provides real time solutions by pushing the necessary links and information required by your customers.


You should mould these ideas in a way that suits you and your business. Implementing any of these ecommerce marketing ideas without laying down the blueprint of where you want to be in the future would be futile, so think before you take any action.


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