5 Best Checklist Apps for Teams

Best Checklist Apps for Teams

People have been using checklists for a very long time now to manage work, both personal and professional. On the work front, it is not easy to find the best checklist apps for teams.

There are many team checklist app out there with each one meant for slightly different purposes. Listed below is a list of 5 best checklist apps for teams:


To Do List

To Do List offers the basic ‘to do’ features, and that includes the ability to get reminders to ensure that you get your things done. Easy to use, To Do List offers many features such as adding tasks through voice commands, widgets, and more.

It is a good idea to download and try it out since it is available free of cost. The full version will cost you $2.99.
To Do List, unlike many other apps is available on all platform, and has all that you would demand from a checklist app along with being able to set up custom filters and saved searches.

Since To Do List is a collaborative app, you can invite your coworkers as well as family to join in and work on tasks along with you.



Wunderlist helps you to organize and share workloads. Due dates and reminders can be set using Wunderlist. Due dates ensure that you never miss an important deadline.

The Wunderlist app can be downloaded for free onto Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Windows and the Web. Two of the most interesting features offered by Wunderlist is support for cloud sync and the Reminder feature.

Due dates and reminders can be set up to notify you before the due date. Task categories, checklists, task importance levels form rest of the features. Wunderlist has a modern interface with extra menus and controls for all the additional available functionalities.

When it comes to pricing, while the free version will cost you nothing with a delegation limit of 25 “to-dos” per shared list, the paid version will cost $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year.


My Checklist

My checklist for Windows is a portable online checklist, weighing only 50 KB in size. My checklist has a simple interface, which is direct and to the point. This software has a menu for adding items to the checklist right at the top, removing them, marking them as done, and moving them up and down and even printing.

The actual checklist is located down below. You can check off items by either left clicking on the box next to the item or by marking and clicking on the ‘Item Done’ button.

No pricing information is available for My Checklist. You will need to contact them for details.


Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the many awesome and best checklist apps for teams. It a colorful, classic and very well thought off app. Its color coding feature enables you to filter your notes by color. For example, you can keep one set of notes for a blog, and another one for a shopping list, and yet another one for urgent notes.

Google Keep also integrates with Inbox by Gmail!. Moreover, Inbox has a feature called ‘Reminders’. You can pin an email so that you can go back to it easily, and also add a little note to it. Google Keep allows you to add your notes directly into that particular section of your inbox.

Google Keep enables you to add tasks in various ways, and that includes Speech-to-text (record a voice note after which you can have the words indexed and searchable) and Image-to-text (upload a picture, click ‘Grab image text’ from the three-dot menu).

Google Keep has not provided pricing information. Contact them directly for detailed pricing information.



Any.do is a great mobile to-do list manager apart from being a Chrome add-on. Any.do supports Android, iOS, and syncs easily between devices and platforms, and can manage recurring tasks, timed and location-based reminders.

Any.do is packed with various unique features even though its interface is simply designed and easy to get familiar with.

Any.do’s Assistant version offers free trial period whereas its Premium version will cost you $2.99 per month which is billed annually. You can however choose to cancel it anytime.



All the 5 best checklist apps for teams mentioned above is great. Make it a point to research a bit more to see what suits your business requirements and pick the best.


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