5 Actionable Tips for Marketing to Millennials

millennial marketing

Millennials form one of the biggest and most lucrative marketing audiences in the world. In fact, according to Goldman Sachs, Millennial generation is the biggest in US History, even bigger than the Baby Boomers. However, when it comes to online behavior, Millennials tend to think differently from other generations, simply because they grew in a different world – filled with technology & social media. So you need to adopt a different strategy to reach and engage this influential generation. Traditional online marketing just won’t work here.


1. Use Mobile first strategy

According to Facebook, 55% of millennials access their profiles and other pages using only mobile devices. Similarly, Google reports that 64% of millennials make hotel bookings after looking for a room using their mobiles. If you want to target millennials, you need to reach them on mobile. Ensure that your site loads fast on mobile, and has attractive content that fits all mobile screens. Also, if you have read-only content like blogs, articles & infographics, you can enable Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) on your site so that they get higher search rankings. If you’re using paid ads, it might be a good idea to start with mobile ads, instead of going for the usual desktop ads.


2. Focus on Collaboration

There is no point in hard selling to millennials. They don’t like being pushed to buy a product or service. In fact, according to HubSpot, 84% of millennials are averse to traditional advertising. They’ve grown up in a culture of sharing, and so you need to work smarter to indirectly advertise your products & services. For example, you can create posts that seems like native ads, or collaborate with other brands for product placement in their ads. You can also create shareworthy content (such as lifestyle images or videos, or success stories) about how people are using your products and services, without explicitly mentioning its benefits. The idea is to entice millennials to like what you’re business is doing, so they share it within their network and want to be associated with your brand.


3. Get Good Social Media Reviews

When it comes to making a purchase, Millennials are just like every other generation. They need social proof before they can trust your brand and buy your products. The only difference is that since millennials live online, they rely more on online reviews and testimonials, instead of print and TV ads. So ensure that you get good online reviews and customer feedback for your business and products. When you make customers happy, ask them to tweet or post about it on social media platforms. You can even ask them to formally review your business on Facebook, online review sites like TrustPilot and even online business directories like Yelp.


4. Millennials Love Coupons & Discounts

Did you know that 64% of millennials like a Facebook company page with the sole objective of getting a discount or a coupon? Since most of them are either in college, or have just started their job careers, they’re still cost-conscious. That’s one of the main reasons why they share their location so easily on mobile devices, to get discount alerts from nearby businesses. So if you give attractive discounts and coupons, they’re bound to follow.


5. Use Social Media for Customer Service

64% of millennials believe social media to be one of the most effective ways to engage businesses. You can see them share tweets, posts, images and videos about their favorite brands. You’ll also find them posting complaints and issues on twitter and facebook pages, expecting a quick response. However, most companies use social media to only post business updates and promotional offers. The key is to leverage these popular social media platforms to also resolve customer problems, get user feedback, and even elicit testimonials of happy customers.


Hopefully, these tips will help you reach millennials, persuade them to engage with your brand and eventually become loyal customers.


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