10 Best Facebook Ad Templates to Grow Your Business

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Facebook Ad Templates are a great way to quickly create beautiful professionally-designed Facebook Business Ads for just a few dollars. They’re especially useful if you don’t have the time, resources and expertise to design Facebook Adverts yourself. In fact, some of the Facebook Ad Templates are completely free to use. Here are 10 Best Facebook Ad Templates that you can use to create highly engaging Facebook Ads for your business.


10 Best Facebook Ad Templates for Your Business

Here are 10 Best Facebook Ad Templates that you can use for your own business

1. Facebook Ad Banners by Doto

facebook 140 ad banners by doto


Facebook Ad Banners by Doto provides up to 140 well-designed Facebook Ad Templates that you can use for your business. Above is an example of a unique eye-catching Facebook Ad template that uses a honeycomb graphic element to grab user attention. Even the red call-to-action is easy to spot and clearly tells what you need to do next. Priced at just $10, it contains 140 professionally designed ad Banner template PSD files that you can easily use to promote your products and services on Facebook. Each Facebook Ad Template PSD file is layered, organized and editable. These Facebook Ad templates also conform to Facebook Ad Specs of less than 20% overlay text.


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2. Facebook Ad Banners (Vol-03) by Doto

facebook 200 ad templates by doto


Here’s another awesome Facebook Ad Template library by Doto that actually points to the call-to-action in a subtle way. Just like the previous Facebook Ad Banner Collection, this one is also priced at $10. It provides a collection of 200 beautifully designed and effective Facebook Ad templates in the form of layered, organized and editable PSD files, along with a help file. You can use these Facebook Ad Templates yourself, or for one client, or even a single end product in which the end users are not charged.


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3. Facebook Sports Ads by Micromove

facebook sports ad templates


Here’s an amazing collection of Facebook Ad Templates by Micromove that is suitable for professionals (like photographers, artists, freelancers), as well as wide range of business types (like Sports events, Agency, Corporate Events, Blogs, Magazines, Retail businesses). Above is an example of one of their Ad templates. The black & yellow show a lot of dynamic energy, even while using a still photo. It’s priced at $5 for 5 Facebook Ad Templates.


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4. Facebook & Instagram Ad Templates by Zokamaric

facebook ad templates for winter sale


If you run an online store for fashion wear and apparels then here are some amazing Facebook Ad Templates that you can use to promote your offers and discounts. In fact, many of these templates are customized for winter sales during holiday season. Priced at $6, it provides a collection of 24 well-designed Facebook Ad templates (in PSD & TIFF formats), that you can also use for Instagram Advertising. All you need to do is simply drag & drop images to customize the templates. Everything else is already in place and ready to go. It’s a great way to promote your business during holiday shopping season.


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5. MultiPurpose Banners by Doto

facebook ad templates for corporate business


If you’re looking to create Facebook Ad Campaign for corporate, then here’s a suitable Facebook Ad Template library for you. Priced at $5, it provides 18 high-quality Facebook Ad templates in the form of PSD files that are layered, organized and completely editable. In fact, they contain Ad templates for all Facebook Ad sizes. So no matter where you display your Facebook Ad (desktop feed, mobile feed, right column), you can always use these Ad templates to spruce up your Facebook Ads. In fact, you can also use them for Google Adwords as well as Adroll. It includes all banner sizes for Facebook Ads, Google Ads and AdRoll. With a strong call-to-action and practical design, these ad templates provide a nice way to convey professionalism.


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6. Sale Web & Facebook Ads by Belegija

facebook advertising templates for sale offers


If you’re looking to create sale ads, then here’s a collection of 12 banner ad templates that you can not only use for Facebook Ads but also for other display ad platforms like Google Adsense. Priced at $5, it provides a wide range of banner sizes that conform to all the leading Ad platforms. These Ad templates are specifically designed to help you promote sale offers and discounts. With a prominently red colored design, these templates are meant to highlight your sale offers.


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7. Summer Sale Ad Templates by Doto

facebook advertising templates for summer sale


Here are a bunch of awesome Summer Sales Ad templates you can use to promote summer sale offers for your business. With a laid back and tropical look-and-feel, these Ad templates are the perfect way to kick-start your summer marketing campaigns. Priced at $5, it contains 18 high quality ad templates (as PSD files) that are 100% editable. The Ad templates are optimized for Facebook Advertising Platform, as well as Google Adwords. They use free fonts and also contain a useful help file for reference. Each template uses smart objects which makes it super easy to replace images and customize them for your Facebook Ads. It’s a great collection of Facebook Ad templates for summer sales, if you run a travel business or an online store.


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8. Real Estate Ad Templates by Zokamaric

facebook ad templates for real estate marketing


If you run a real estate business, then here’s an amazing Facebook Ad Template library that you can use for Real Estate Marketing Ads. It provides 3 unique designs, available in 14 standard web banner sizes to help you create Facebook Ad as well as Google Ads. Each template allows you to use up to 5 photos to showcase real estate properties in an attractive manner. It also uses smart objects, which allow you to easily change Ad template images. Priced at just $8, it provides a collection of 90 PSD files that you can customize using Smart Objects. It also contains a help file to assist you with Ad template customization.


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9. Fashion Shop Banners by Madesiign

facebook ad template for fashion ecommerce online store


If you run a Fashion or Ecommerce related business, then here’s a great collection of Facebook Post banners you can use to create engaging Facebook Ads to promote your business, sale offers and discounts. Priced at $5, it provides 5 PSD files that are optimized for Facebook Ads and 100% customizable. These ad templates are designed to add a touch of style & panache, required to promote fashion related products & services to upscale clients.


10. Sale Offer Banners by Madesiign

facebook ad templates for trendy fashion store


Here’s a collection of hip and trendy Facebook Ad templates that you can use to target young audience for your fashion related products, services and online store. Priced at $11, it provides 28 high quality Facebook Ad template PSD files that are optimized for Facebook Ads as well as Google Ad Platform., and completely editable




Facebook Ad Templates are not only a great time-saver when it comes to creating Facebook Ads, but they also allow you to design professional-looking Facebook Adverts at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t have dedicated ad designers or marketers, then it’s a great way to create engaging Facebook Ads to boost your click-throughs and drive more traffic to your website. Their low cost also makes it a lot easier to try experiment with new ideas without investing too much time & money.


What’s your favorite Facebook Ad Template?


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