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Top MySQL Blogs and Websites for Database Administrators

MySQL blogs and websites provide many useful tutorials, tips and resources for database developers and administrators. They also provide troubleshooting solutions to database problems and issues. Here are the top MySQL blogs and websites you must read regularly to stay up to date in the world of databases.

Top MySQL Blogs and Websites for Database Administrators

Here are the top MySQL blogs and websites for your reference.

1. Planet MySQL

Planet MySQL is the official MySQL blog that regularly publishes latest news and updates about MySQL database. It also has a well-known Q&A forum where users can post their questions, and expect a quick response. It publishes up to 3-4 new blog posts daily from its community members, mostly about configurations and optimizations.

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2. Database Performance Blog

If you are looking to get the most out of your database performance, then this is the blog for you. Database Performance Blog by Percona is a an informative blog about optimizing and scaling databases. Although it publishes articles about all popular databases, most of its articles are about MySQL and MariaDB.

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3. MySQL Tutorials

MySQL Tutorials contains a nice collection of tutorials suitable for beginners as well as advanced database administrators. Many of their tutorials also contain an interactive SQL editor that allows you to try SQL queries and analyze results.

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4. Several Nines Blog

Several Nines creates advanced database management products for open source databases. Their database blog provides rich tips, articles and tools to help you manage your database efficiently. Their articles are more about database deployment in cloud and clusters. So it is quite useful for administrators in medium-large businesses and enterprises.

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5. Scalegrid blog

Scalegrid provides hosted database management services for popular databases. Their blog regularly publishes quality articles, tutorials and tips to help you make the most of working with your databases. They also publish performance benchmarks and comparisons among different tools and database configurations, to help readers pick the right technology for their business.

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