Frequenty Asked Questions

Data Security

No, we do not store any data present in your databases. In order to populate charts, Ubiq reads data from your data source and sends it back to your browser without storing it.
Yes, it is very secure to use Ubiq. Ubiq has read-only access to only those database tables for which you provide Ubiq read-only permission, nothing more.
Yes, you have complete control over who views/creates dashboards & charts. You can assign/edit/remove project level permissions to other users. Only users with permissions can access your charts & dashboards.
No, Ubiq reads the data from your data source only to populate your charts or dashboards. Once the charts are populated, Ubiq won't access your data source unless you refresh the chart or dashboard.
When you delete your account, Ubiq deletes all your charts & dashboards, information about all the databases you have given Ubiq read-only access. So, Ubiq never accesses your data after account deletion.

Application usage

You can surely export your charts & dashboards. You can export it as PDF if you want to share it with your friends or colleagues; as an image in case you want to add it to a presentation. You can also export the data used for chart population as a csv file so that you can analyze it further.
Ubiq always shows the latest database schema. New tables & fields will be available for use in charts. However, if you delete any field or table, you will need to update the charts accordingly so that they don't continue to use them.
If you wish to continue using Ubiq after trial period is over, you will need to make a monthly payment as per the plan of your choice. Else, you will be unable to access your charts & dashboards even though you can login. You have the freedom to change the plan every month & pay accordingly. Please note, when you make the first payment after trial period your existing work will continue to remain in your account & will not be deleted.


Yes, we accept Indian (via net banking, debit & credit cards) payments. International customers can pay through credit/debit card or via paypal account.
No. If you miss a month's payment you will only be unable to access your charts & dashboards but they will not be deleted. You can access them immediately after you make the payment online. However, if the account is without payment or any activity for a long time (3-4 months), we may need to consider it as inactive and delete it.
No, immediately after you sign up, you have access to the application for 30 days, free of charge. After 30 days from sign up, you can select a plan and make the payment to continue using Ubiq.