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  • Easily create reports & dashboards
  • Analyze data using drag & drop
  • Apply powerful filters & functions
  • Share reports with your team
  • Supports local, remote or cloud data

Why use Ubiq?

Ubiq is a self-service business intelligence tool. You can deploy Business Intelligence on your own without depending on the IT. Users can create BI reports and analysis on their own without relying on the IT. Ubiq's easy-to-use and self-service BI allows users to become self-sufficient for their data analysis and reporting needs.

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Drag & Drop business intelligence

Ubiq is designed for end users to independantly satisfy their information needs. It allows you to perform reporting and data analysis on your own, create BI reports and queries using our intuitive drag and drop interface, customize results of analysis with a few clicks. Ubiq gives you more control and faster access to analyze your data with minimal IT intervention or technical knowledge. It provides a self-service BI tool that is easy-to-use and generates business intelligence information that is easy to consume. Ubiq helps you to quickly create charts and dashboards for BI reporting with just a few clicks.

self-sufficient business intelligence

Real time business intelligence

Ubiq's self-service BI enables you to analyze, query and report data on your own in real time. Ubiq's auto refresh feature automatically updates reports, data visualization and charts with latest data without any IT assistance or manual effort. It helps users make faster, better decisions without having to wait for the IT team to generate reports. It also gives IT the freedom from reporting. Ubiq's self-service BI gives end users the independence to answer questions and make decisions. Faster access to BI gives companies their competitive edge and allows them to discover new business opportunities.

real time reporting and analytics

Business Intelligence for local, remote or cloud data

Ubiq allows you to access all your data directly from your browser without moving it around for analytics & reporting. It provides seamless access to data, analytics and BI components while IT can oversee its utilization. Ubiq provides business intelligence information that is easy to consume by anyone in the organization. It is suitable for data on your laptop, corporate intranet or the cloud. Analyze and report MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS data, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift. More data sources to be added soon.

self-service business intelligence for local or remote data

Self-Service BI for any kind of data

Ubiq's fast and easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool can be used for all kinds of business like Ecommerce, Online businesses, SaaS, Mobile Apps, IT firms, Reporting Agencies, etc. It can be used by end-users for all areas of your business like Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc. Ubiq's self-service BI can be used by anyone in these companies and business areas - not just trained professionals. It can be used to create a wide range of customized dashboards and reports like Sales dashboards, Executive dashboards, Management reports, etc. With Ubiq's self-service BI, users can generate their own reports, run their own queries, and conduct their own analyses, without IT assistance.

self-service bi for any data

Cross platform BI tool

Ubiq is a self-service business intelligence tool for Mac, Linux and Windows. It enables you to explore, analyze, visualize & report data across various platforms. Ubiq dashboards are highly interactive and customizable, and work in all major browsers & tablet devices. Build once, view it anywhere. Ubiq's cross platform capabilities enable you to easily share key insights across your team and organization. Ubiq provides a means for easily accessing your own customized information via web based dashboards, without extensive training. This makes it useful for various types of end users like Product Managers, Executives, Sales Managers, Data Analysts, etc.

business intelligence across devices and platforms

Faster access to Business Intelligence

Today, business users need faster access to BI and business data than ever. Ubiq's intuitive and user friendly interface provides a really fast time to value compared to most of the other BI solutions. Avoid the hassle of scheduling a demo or installation. Simply signup and start creating BI reports, analyzing and querying data immediately on your own. Ubiq's self-service BI enables users to be more self sufficient and make faster decisions by eliminating the need for extensive software training. Drag and drop metrics to create your own customized dashboard, and save the results for future reference. Ubiq allows you to share your dashboards with others and export the results as PDF/Image/CSV for additional analysis.

self-service BI with fast deployment

Secure Business Intelligence

No need to enable remote access or open ports. Securely connect to MySQL on AWS over SSH. For intranet or private network, ubiq ensures the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq agent sits on your laptop & connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates. Securely perform self-service business intelligence.

secure self-service business intelligence
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“Ubiq has given us instant access to all our data. The charts are very smart and work very well for us on our wall mounted monitors. Would I recommend it to others? Definitely YES YES YES.”

Mary Blount
IT Manager, MinsterSoft

“Our IT company from Belgium (TIGRON) is very happy to use Ubiq, they have suggested to some of their clients too.”

Vassilios Lourdas
Systems Engineer, KNX Association

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