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Why use Business Intelligence Platform?

Business Intelligence Platform (BI Platform) empowers organizations to learn and understand business better. Easily deploy analysis and discover new insights in minutes, improve business performance. Real-time business intelligence at your fingertips. Collaborate and share BI Reports with your team. Easily assess business processes, performance, market trends and other factors to grow faster.

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business intelligence platform for reporting

Easy BI Reporting to make better decisions

Ubiq Business Intelligence reporting software enables you to pull information from one or more data sources and present it in an easy-to-understand, highly interactive report for business users. You can design interactive pixel perfect reports for the web, or mobile device in minutes. Ubiq Reporting tools provide the ability to create well-formatted and interactive reports with highly scalable distribution and scheduling capabilities. Our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer lets you build interactive crosstabs, tables, charts & reports using a standard browser. Interactive report viewer provides table and chart changes such sorting, filtering, along with format changes that can be saved for future use. Ubiq BI platform enables you to quickly create reports for your business. With powerful BI Analytics that anyone can use, empower everyone in your organization to boost performance, make better decisions.

Analyze data with extremely fast performance

Ubiq BI Platform enables you to model, manipulate and visualize data to make better decisions quickly. It enables end users to analyze data with extremely fast querying and calculation, using a style of analysis known as "slicing and dicing." Explore data with powerful relational OLAP and gain meaningful insights. Ubiq Analytics solutions can make your business more competitive and give end users the analytics and reporting tools they need to make better decisions. Visualize data including relational, OLAP sources with interactive charts, maps and widgets. Completely design and deploy browser-based analysis throughout your organization. Our browser-based interactive interface also supports slicing and dicing, pivoting, filtering, and interactive charting. Choose from dozens of powerful in-built functions & features to easily perform advanced analysis of data.

bi solution for online analytics processing

bi platform for dashboard creation

Create BI Dashboards to get at-a-glance status of your business

Business Intelligence Platform helps you create interactive online dashboards for your business. Get at-a-glance summary of your business performance, track key performance indicators and measures in real-time business intelligence dashboards. Publish dashboards in a variety of formats. Share dashboards with others and collaboratively make decisions. Build dashboards with internal or external data for every area of your business. Create highly customized dashboards for each team member - from executives to data analysts. Customize the look and feel, colors and formatting of dashboards with a few clicks. Ubiq Dashboards let you combine internal corporate information with external data sources. Use global parameters to control dashboard data. Instantly access dashboards on PC, Tablets or mobile - on the go.

Leverage Data Integration - Extract, Transform & Load data from different sources

Ubiq BI Solution extracts, transforms, and loads (ETL) data from different sources for reporting and analytics purposes. You can explore, analyze & report several disparate relational data sources. Achieve real-time reporting and analysis for more accurate decision making

data integration

data visualization bi platform

Use interactive visualizations to display data and insights

Visualize data in numerous ways to clearly present relevant information. Ubiq BI Platform enables you to create dashboards and reports with advanced charts & graphics. This allows you to display numerous aspects of your data more efficiently by using interactive pictures and charts, instead of just tables. Choose from an extensive portfolio of more than 30 interactive graphs, maps, charts & visualizations. Ubiq provides a wide range of reporting components and in-built functions to display data any way you want. Leverage a variety of graphs, charts and visualizations to create insightful dashboards and reports. Explore and visualize data from multiple sources in a single dashboard. View your data in greater detail with advanced filtering and search capabilities. Advanced visualization goes beyond just basic charting or slicing and dicing data to include more insightful visual representations, enabling all stakeholders to better understand their business, visually. In addition to the basic chart types, ubiq provides many advanced charting options such as pivot tables, crosstabs, combination charts and even maps. Our intuitive charting interface eliminates the need for coding and IT support.

Collaboration tools help you share and discuss information

Ubiq Business Intelligence Platform allows you to apply collaborative BI to enterprise-wide reporting and analytics. This making the sharing process easier and enables more efficient decision making among team members who may have been working in silos. Collaborative BI accelerates problem-solving process as compared to the usual solitary BI tools. Easily share business intelligence dashboards and reports across team members. Export them in a variety of formats. With the ability to schedule reports, our BI Platform ensures that everyone in your team is on the same page.

business intelligence collaboration tools

ad hoc reporting tools & software

Ad hoc reporting enables users to answer questions on their own

Ubiq BI Platform provides Ad-hoc reporting that empowers end-users to ask their own questions about their business data, without depending on IT for the task of creating reports that provide specific information. Ubiq Ad-hoc reporting enables a large number of end-users to see, understand, and act on data independently, while looking at same numbers. This enables users to find answers to business questions on their own, without relying on IT to create a report. Access Ad-Hoc reports online on PC, tablet or mobile, easily share reports and export them in multiple formats like PDF, Image, CSV, etc. Create ad hoc business reports on-the-fly to find specific information for important business questions. Ubiq provides self-service ad-hoc reporting capabilities for end-users. Get critical information to the right people at the right place at the right time.

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Benefits of BI Platform

BI platforms enable users to build applications that help organizations understand their business better and drive performance. Business Intelligence Platforms provide easy-to-understand, self-service access to actionable information suitable for decision makers and key stakeholders. Our flexible BI Platform empowers business users with access to key insights delivered in context, anytime, anywhere. Increase responsiveness, reduce IT dependency and costs, and drive better decision-making across your organization. Gain real-time business intelligence from any data. Make information easy to consume, personalized, and dynamic. Ubiq BI Platform provides a flexible and scalable information infrastructure. Leverage a combination of market-leading data management and BI in a comprehensive, high-performance analytics package. Analyze large volumes of data with exceptional performance and scalability. Build analytics tailored to your industry and line of business. Reduce the complexity and workload of your IT and minimize total cost of ownership.

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