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  • ✓ Supports local, remote or cloud data

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Why use Ubiq?

Ubiq is a sales dashboard software to quickly build custom dashboards to monitor sales performance and gain insights. Ubiq helps you track KPIs and metrics about all the sales processes and activities using interactive dashboards in real-time. Ubiq provides wide range of features customize sales dashboards as per different business needs. It gives you an instant snapshot of sales performance anywhere, anytime.

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build dashboards using drag & drop

Quickly build sales dashboards

Ubiq dashboard software enables you to quickly build interactive sales dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPIs) & metrics for different sales processes and activities in your organization. It lets you create dashboards using drag & drop, customize them with a few clicks. Ubiq helps you build high level dashboards for executives and managers to view sales performance summary or detailed reports to track KPIs for specific sales activities. Ubiq provides advanced filtering capabilities to drill-down into reports and get detailed figures and trends.

Monitor sales performance in real-time

Ubiq lets you build real-time web-based sales dashboards to track sales KPIs and metrics in real-time. Auto-refresh feature automatically updates sales dashboards. Ubiq provides a wide range of visualization options like line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, etc to view sales trends and numbers in real-time. This allows sales analysts and managers to dynamically spot trends and patterns in their data. Also, it provides the ability to filter, slice and dice data in real-time. This empowers sales managers and executives to monitor all aspects of sales team and processes in real-time, on a daily basis. Ubiq allows them to quickly gain insights from sales dashboards, drill-down into reports to get more details.

build real-time dashboards

build dashboards for local, remote or cloud data

Track Sales KPIs directly from web browser

Ubiq enables you to create sales dashboards for local, remote or cloud data directly from web browser. No need to move or upload data for reporting sales. This allows sales analysts to report KPIs and metrics from multiple data sources at different locations in a single dashboard. It empowers sales managers & executives to monitor sales performance and activities of various sales processes from one place, their web browser. Dashboard users can filter, slice & dice or drill-down into reports directly from web browser. This enables users to quickly gain insights and make decisions. Analyze and report MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS databases. More data sources to be added soon.

Build sales dashboards for any kind of business

Ubiq Dashboard Software can be used to build custom dashboards for organizations of all sizes and nature. It has comprehensive reporting and advanced analytical capabilities to handle needs of most SMEs and Enterprise. Ubiq lets you build dashboards across departments, teams or roles based on everyone's specific business needs. It enables you to build high-level summary reports for Executives and Managers to track KPIs about sales performance and processes. They can drill-down into dashboards in real-time to get more details on-the-fly. This allows them to monitor sales activity and performance without depending on IT. Ubiq can also be used to build sales dashboards specific to team, products or regions. This helps managers to view their team's performance and improve it faster. Ubiq also provides the ability to build ad hoc sales dashboards to answer business questions or find specific information.

build dashboard for any kind of business

cross platform business dashboards

Access sales dashboards using web browser

Ubiq lets end users access dashboards from all major web browsers and tablet devices. It works on Mac, Linux and Windows. Being web-based, ubiq dashboards always show latest sales trends and numbers present in live data. Ubiq makes it easy to share web-based dashboards with others. This enables everyone in your team to have the same view of sales performance, quickly get insights and grow sales faster. Ubiq provides an instant snapshot of sales & products anywhere, anytime.

Easy to setup and easy to use

Ubiq can be setup by business users in minutes without depending on IT. Avoid waiting for demo or installation or training. Signup and start immediately. Ubiq enables you to easily connect to your data, quickly create sales dashboards using drag & drop, customize with a few clicks and drill-down instantly. It helps you build different types of sales dashboards to analyze sales performance, report sales trends by region and product, compare sales data across time, groups or individuals and do a lot more. Build custom dashboards for managers so they can monitor individual performance and enable team members to compare their results. Ubiq provides a comprehensive view of sales performance so you can make adjustments to grow faster.

rapid deployment and easy to use

securely build dashboards

Secure to use

No need to enable remote access or open ports. Securely connect to MySQL on AWS over SSH. For intranet or private network, ubiq ensures the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq agent sits on your laptop & connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

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